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Rave water trampolines are available in several sizes and styles. Purchasing your new Rave water trampoline is just the beginning, with many available features and additions you can customize your setup to your needs. The many sizes available means you can find the perfect size Rave trampoline for the space you have available on your water.

Rave Water Tramplines
Rave towable tubes

Rave towable tubes come in many styles and sizes offering great fun for your family and friends. Rave towable tubes are available for one person or up to four or more people with many different styles to choose from. Some Rave tubes will be sit on tops where riders sit on top of the tube and others are sit in style tubes which offer riders an inside area to sit in.

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Rave Water Trampolines and Bouncers Pumps

Don’t forget the pump and accessories! There are manual pumps and electric pumps to help air up Rave water trampolines and tubes. You can also purchase ladders and storage bags for Rave water trampolines and bouncers to complete your collection making it easy for users to get on and easy for you to store your bouncer or trampoline in the off-season.

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Rave Accessories

Rave water trampolines and bouncers are fun on their own, but that fun gets turned up to 11 when you add in some attachments. There are many fun attachements that will attach to your Rave trampoline or bouncer including slides, launches, logs and more. You can even purchase a boarding platform to make it easier to get up on the Rave water trampoline or bouncer from the water.

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