When you think surfing and water, you’re probably going to think of the internationally renowned surf brand Hurley. Their motto is “every product we make, experience we create and service we provide is designed to help you have more fun in and around the water. Surf and enjoy.” Hurley clothing is born and bred in water, made for style, comfort, and enjoyment of beach days and bonfires, wakeboarding and paddleboarding, and anything else you can think of where water meets fun.


The Hurley brand origin story beings in 1999, when founder Bob Hurley...Read More


was just a young board surfer on the shores of Huntington Beach. He was infatuated with building the best surf boards around, making them the lightest, fastest, and most flexible they could be while maintaining superior performance. Bob channeled this innovative spirit and commitment to the best into a new avenue, board shorts. Since then he has influenced major innovation after innovation that have left the water clothing world changed forever. If you want to find Bob nowadays, you can still find him testing products down by the water in Newport Beach or around the world wherever the waves roll.

Hurley is now located in the heart of Costa Mesa with a building that is only a stone’s throw from the beach to keep in touch with their roots. They are committed not only to technology, but to style and art as well. To foster this commitment, they have a team of graphic designers that are in charge of each piece of art that makes it onto Hurley t-shirts and all other products, and they are considered the heart and soul of the brand. Beyond a commitment to visual arts, a fun fact that you might not know about Hurley is that they are also involved in the musical arts as well. They have deep ties in the world of Orange County music back in the emerging world of punk bands in the 80s and 90s. They even have their own recording studio that is still recording the next big thing as we speak, where legends have recorded such as Weezer and Blink-182 back in the day.


If you’re looking for Hurley shorts, you might notice a common theme, and that would be phantom fabric. Back in the day, board shorts were made from a very heavy and non-flexible fabric that was uncomfortable at best. But nowadays, you’ll find board shorts are at the top of their game. And phantom technology builds on these improvements by incorporating water repellent technology that was used by Nike swimmers in the 2004 Olympics with superior 4-way stretch and the lightest weight you can possibly imagine for shorts. Phantom is such an impressive advance in technology that it is now the industry standard worldwide.


Hurley surf has made a real commitment not only to the products they create, but also to the athletes who participate in the sport they love. So Hurley has put together a team of iconoclasts, wave riders, and water people of the world to support continued performance in the sport of surfing. They push the limits of what is possible out on the water and have a hand in creating products that surfers need. Not to mention the on-water testing of Hurley clothing conducted by some of the best surfers in the world.


Hurley women’s clothing is just one of the many categories WaterOuttfitters has to offer from this amazing brand. Hurley also offers the best selection of board shorts around for both men and women, with up to date styles that can’t be matched. But don’t be fooled into thinking that Hurley just offers swim shorts and surf wear, they also offer a broad selection of summer clothing like hats, hoodies, rash guards, and sandals. Pick out your favorite style for the summer now!

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