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HQ Kites offer users a lot of possibilities on how to use them from summertime to winter. You can take your HQ kite out with your stand up paddle board or pick up a buggy and ride the beach. Winter is great for HQ kites as well, and skiing or snowboarding with an HQ kite gives skiers and boarders a new extreme way to tackle their sport. An HQ kite set-up is sure to be the highlight of any trip

HQ Kites
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Getting started with your HQ kite is not as hard as many may think. The learning process is relatively quick and by using helpful videos and training tips you can have great control on day one. Once you learn the basics of using your new HQ kite you will be teaching others to have just as much fun as you, and will become the kite master.

HQ Buggy

An HQ buggy will offer you some additional fun to have with your HQ kite. Available in bigfoot models and standard, these HQ buggies will offer the ability to take on hard ground, sand and anything in between. Made of stainless steel and able to breakdown in under 30 seconds, these buggies will last a long time without taking a long time to set up or tear down.

HQ Kite and Buggy Action Shot
HQ Kite Accessories

HQ kite accessories range from the actual power lines to harnesses and safety control bars. Outside of the actual kite there are a wide range of things that may come in handy to have extra of, or to have to add to your arsenal. One great addition to any kite set up is a harness; a powerkite harness is great for kite surfing or for land based uses. You will also find control bars in the HQ kite accessories so you can upgrade or replace your existing control bar setup. Grab some HQ kite accessories and be ready for anything!

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