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Shopping wetsuits at offers a great selection for men, women and kids and in all price ranges. Whether looking for your first wetsuit to wear recreationally or if you are looking for a specific thickness and style to surf in regularly you can find what you are looking for here. With so many different options from styles, brands, thicknesses and more it can be a bit overwhelming when shopping wetsuits. But once you learn how to best use the different refinements we offer you will find it increasingly easy to shop wetsuits and to find exactly what you are looking for....Read More


The refinements are found on the left of the page and offer different information regarding wetsuits like brand, size, color, thickness and more. Selecting a refinement will cause the page to refresh based on the refinement you selected.

So if you choose small from the size refinement the page will refresh to show only small wetsuits. You can also use multiple refinements as you search, simply wait for the page to refresh from the first selection and then make a second selection.

Let’s go over some of the main refinements used while shopping wetsuits - The brand refinement for wetsuits works great for those that already have an idea of what they are looking for. Here you can select from a list of brands of wetsuits we stock from Body Glove, Jetpilot, O’Neill, Roxy and more. Selecting a certain brand will refresh the page to show only wetsuits by the brand you have selected.

Shop by Color - Not for everyone but if you are looking for a specific color in a wetsuit you will be happy to choose it here. The color palette under the color refinement is clickable and when you click into a certain color the pages contents will refresh to only show wetsuits that are predominately the color you have selected.

Shop by price - For those on a strict budget the price refinement is going to offer an easy to use way to be only shown wetsuits in a certain price range.

Shop by gender - This is one of the more important refinements as it really narrows down the selection for a certain person. Whether male, female, boy or girl you will want to shop only wetsuits that are available for your gender. Here you can select from mens, womens or kids and only be shown these styles.

Shop by size - This is pretty self explanatory; if you know your size in wetsuits you can easily shop only wetsuits available in that size. Simply select your size and the page will refresh with only wetsuits we have in stock in your size.

Shop by style - There are several styles of wetsuits from long armed full wetsuits to short arm spring suits. As most of these wetsuits are going to be used for specific reasons you should be able to shop by the style of wetsuits offered. By selecting a style in this refinement will show you only wetsuits in that specific style.

Shop by thickness - For different temperatures, climates and uses there are differing thicknesses of wetsuits. To shop these thicknesses simply select a thickness from the range.

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