Rash Guards

Mens Rash Guards

When it comes to protecting your skin against the sun, no expense should be spared. This is where mens rash guards come into play. A mens rash guard is basically a shirt that protects your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and any other elements you may encounter while participating in summer activities. If you are going to be wakeboarding, water skiing, surfing, swimming, or any other water based activity in the sun, you should consider purchasing a mens rash guard. Here are a few things to know about mens rash guards.


The two main materials used in mens rash guards are Lycra and Nylon, and many times these two materials are blended together. This gives the rash guard the abilities to stretch and move with you, allowing for a maximum range of movement, and also quick drying abilities. Mens rash guards with these materials will also protect you against rashes, as the name suggests. Whether it be from simply falling in the water, or actually surfing where the wax on your board can cause chafing or abrasions on your stomach, mens rash guards are there for your protection.

UV Protection

Most mens rash guards offer some sort of UV protection. The degree of their protection will vary from rash guard to rash guard, ranging in UPF ratings from 15 to 50+. Obviously the higher the UPF rating, the better it will protect you from damaging sun rays. But, no matter what, you should always be wearing suntan lotion while out in the sun. A helpful tip to keep your mens rash guard looking good is to put on your suntan lotion on before your rash guard and let it dry before putting on the rash guard. This is because sometimes certain suntan lotions and mens rash guards interact poorly and can make the rash guard lose its color.

Types of Rash Guards

There are different types of mens rash guards out there for different conditions you might encounter. The kinds of mens rash guards available are short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, tank tops and even shorts. Which type of rash guard is best for you will depend on what activity you are doing, how much protection you need and water conditions you will be wearing the mens rash guard in. If the water or weather will be cooler, you may want to consider a long sleeve rash guard as opposed to a short sleeve one. The fit of a mens rash guard can also different from looser to tighter. Tight fitting rash guards are more popular as less are less bulky and more breathable, believe it or not. But if you feel like a tight fitting mens rash guard could be too constricting, check out the loose fit rash guards for your level of comfort.

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