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Mens Accessory Shopping Tips

When it comes to gearing up for outdoor adventures or just summer in general, it’s easy to remember the basics like shorts, shirt, bathing suit and so on. But one category that many people tend to forget is mens accessories. There are various types of mens accessories that can be helpful to have and make your summer experience even better.

Mens Hats

Mens hats are an important part of mens accessories. They can be a life saver on those bright days when you’ve forgotten your sunglasses, or just need the extra shade. When looking for a hat to provide you with shade, consider how much protection from the sun you will need. Baseball style hats will protect your eyes, but not much else. If you are worried about your neck getting burnt, look for a hat with a brim all the way around or fabric that drapes over the neck in the back.

If you will be wearing your hat during rigorous activities or in windy areas, you may want to consider finding one with a strap to keep it on your head. Also, consider the color of your mens hat (and for that matter other mens accessories). If you are going to be wearing your hat in hot weather, try to avoid black because it will absorb heat and make your head even hotter and more uncomfortable.

Some mens hats are higher performance and therefore have added features like moisture wicking abilities. This attribute will wick away any moisture you create (sweat) and move it away from your head, keeping you dry and comfortable. Some mens hats are more durable than others so if you plan on taking a hat on a trip, make sure it can withstand whatever you will be doing. There are also lightweight and quick drying hats out there for hiking trips so your hat doesn’t weigh you down and can dry out if it gets wet.

Another main difference between hats are how they fit on your head. Many hats nowadays come fitted without and real adjusting system. This means that they will typically have some elastic in them, but in general you must determine what size your head is to pick the right fit for you. Other hats do still have adjustable clasps in the back for you don’t have to worry so much about sizing.

Mens Belts

Pants and shorts don’t always fit exactly right, it’s not secret. Whether it’s from weight loss, washing mishaps, or just plain bad sizing, you may need a little extra help to get your pants to fit. This is where mens belts come into play. Pick up a belt today and keep those pesky pants in place.

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