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Men's Footwear Shopping Tips

While shopping men’s footwear on you will notice a very large selection of differing styles, brands and more. With so many styles to choose from you will need to narrow down your shopping experience to just what you need. To do this you can use the sub-categories below men’s footwear or narrow down the entire selection using the on page refinements. First let’s talk about the sub-categories and how to best use these to shop men’s footwear. ..Read More


Clicking into any sub-category will show you only products that fit into that category. So selecting flip flops will show you only flip flops that we currently have in stock. Listed below are the most common sub-categories and what you can expect to see in them.

Flip flops – These are some of the most comfortable men’s footwear and you know when you slide these on you are setting up for a good day. Flip flops are going to be any open shell flip flop style men’s footwear.

Water shoes – Water shoes are our specialty. For us this is the most important style of men’s footwear. Any shoes in this category are going to be fully set up to be worn in the water. With a breathable quick dry design everyone should add some water shoes to their men’s footwear collection.

Shoes – Here is where you will find casual shoes, hiking shoes and more. Pretty much all that would not fit into the above sub-categories will be found here.

Socks – With the purchase of the proper men’s footwear you will want to invest in the proper socks as well. The socks we stock here are going to have a performance style design with great support and breathability.

Using the refinements to narrow down your men’s footwear selection

Under the sub-categories you will see several refinements which are formed as boxes with clickable areas on the inners of them which will alter the pages contents. These refinements can be found on the left of the page underneath the sub-categories. These refinements range from brand, color and size to price and whether the footwear is waterproof. Choosing something in one of these refinement boxes will refresh the page and show only footwear that meets the refinement you have chosen.

For example, if you wish to only shop men’s footwear by Sperry you can select Sperry in the brand refinement. This will refresh the page showing only men’s footwear by the brand Sperry. You can use multiple refinements at once as well; so if you wish to shop not only all Sperry footwear but you wish to keep it in the price range of $50-$75, simply choose Sperry in the brand refinement and wait for the page to refresh. Once the page is refreshed you can choose the price refinement.

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