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Mens Board Shorts

Trends and fashions have changed and evolved over time, and swimwear is not immune to this fact. When it comes to mens swimwear, mens board shorts have taken over. Mens board shorts were developed by surfers to protect their legs against their surf boards and the wax that’s on them, to prevent that wax from ripping off the hair on the legs. Now, mens board shorts are more of a fashion statement than used for practical purposes. Here are a few things to remember when purchasing mens board shorts.

Mens board shorts come in different lengths, form the shortest, at 19 inches, to the longest, 22 inches. Shorter lengths in mens board shorts offer more of a retro look, while longer lengths are better if you have longer legs or just more coverage for one reason or another. When it comes down to it though, the length of your board shorts is really based on personal preference. The fabrics used in mens board shorts vary, but many have similar characteristics like quick drying abilities. The more expensive mens board shorts tend to have 4-way stretch materials that (as the name suggests) are very stretchy in all directions. This allows for maximum mobility and is a good choice of fabric if you are especially active. Mens board shorts with 4-way stretch fabrics are also the lightest weight. Along the same lines is the 2-way stretch material. This fabric has horizontal stretch, but not vertical and therefore you lose a little mobility. Finally there is micro suede, which is very soft. These mens board shorts still dry pretty quickly, they are not stretchy, but they will work fine for simply swimming and beach days.

Another type of mens board shorts that have become popular are hybrids. Hybrids are kind of an in between of regular walking shorts and board shorts. They tend to look more like regular shorts, but they are actually still mens board shorts with quick drying abilities. Hybrids are perfect for hitting the beach for some swimming and then hitting the town afterwards.

Most mens board shorts work on a tie closure system, with or without a Velcro piece, instead of the traditional elastic waist of mens swimwear. Be sure that the ties on the waistband have a grippy texture so that your knot won’t come undone while swimming or participating in other active sports. Many mens board shorts are also seamless to reduce chafing and rashes, as well as making them more durable. And some mens board shorts have anti-microbial abilities that kill the bacteria you can pick up from swimming or other various water activities.

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