O'Neill Life Vests

O'Neill Life Vests

Believe it or not, O’Neill is a real guy. His name is Jack O’Neill and he’s been in the watersports game for over 60 years. What started off as a wetsuit manufacturing business soon became one of the leaders in clothing, swim suits, wet suits, life vests and more. In fact, the O’Neill Life Vests are some of the coolest looking life vests you’ll find on our site.

If you know anything about innovative companies, you’ll know that O’Neill started his business in a garage. However this one wasn't out of the garage in his house, it was out of the garage in a surf shop in San Francisco...Read More


Since then, he and the company have created some amazing new products for the water sports industry.

O’Neill is truly an innovator. From wetsuit boots which helped launch them as a global brand to the simple idea of putting a leash on a surfboard, they’ve made playing in the water more enjoyable for all by giving those who want adventure to take the risks.

So, of course, an O’Neill Life Vest is going to be top notch. O’Neill offers two kinds of life vests depending on your intended use. If you want a competition vest then you’ll have some quality comp vests to choose from. O’Neill Comp Life Vests tend to offer greater mobility and comfort however they aren’t considered as protective. In fact, comp life vests aren’t going to be Coast Guard Approved. But there are USCG Approved Life Vests by O'Neill. They are quite comfortable providing lots of support, lots of mobility and ease of use. The zipper and belt system differs on some O’Neill Life Vests but they are just as reliable as many others.

Let’s not forget the kiddies. O’Neill has some comfy life vests for the young ones that you want to keep protected when out on the water. If you’re looking for a fresh look from a super-reliable company then you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing an O’Neill Life Vest the next time you’re out on the water.

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