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- Kneeboards come in various skill ranges and the boards features reflect these ranges. As in any sport or activity there are going to be those just starting out as beginners and those that have been mastering it for awhile which will fall in the advanced to expert category. Kneeboards are a fun and exciting way to spend some time on the water and offer a fairly easy learning curve for those just starting out. Having a kneeboard on your boat offers something for a great range of users to have fun on as kneeboards as one board will work for a wide range of users...Read More
Beginner - Beginner kneeboards are going to offer a roto-molded design which will be a bit thicker than the higher end models. These kneeboards are going to be a bit more buoyant offering an easy and stable platform for a beginner to learn to kneeboard. You may also see some differences in padding and strap design but mostly the shape and thickness of beginner kneeboards are the main difference.
Advanced - Advanced level kneeboards offer a slimmer feel thanks to a compression molded design which makes these boards cut a bit faster. A loss of buoyancy actually helps the more advanced kneeboarders as this will allow an easier start up while in deeper water. Advanced kneeboards are great for those that are advanced or for those that are advancing and don’t want to buy a beginner board just to replace it shortly.
Integrated hooks on kneeboards - This is a commonly asked question so we may as well answer it here. The hooks you see on many kneeboards are put there to hold the rope for easy starts. The hook holds onto the rope as you prepare yourself on the kneeboard. This allows those that have not been on kneeboards often to gather their bearings before being whisked out onto the lake.
At we want you to find exactly the kneeboard you are looking for which is why we make all the above specifications and more searchable as you shop kneeboards. When on the kneeboards page you will see boxes on the left of the page, these boxes are called refinements. Here you can select to only be shown certain kneeboards by price, skill range, brand and more. Selecting a refinement on the left of the page will refresh the page based on your selection. So if you only would like to see beginner kneeboards, select beginner in the skill range refinement and the page will refresh and only show beginner kneeboards.
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