Kayaking Shopping Tips

- Here at we love kayaking and all the fun you can have on the water in a kayak not to mention all the lovely scenery you will see. We stock a very large selection of kayaking gear from actual kayaks, paddles and kayak accessories to kayak storage, outfitting and carry carts. When it comes to kayaking we are your online resource for the best selection from the best brands including Native, Hobie, Hurricane and Current Designs kayaks with accessories from bending branches, Werner, MTI, NRS, Seals and many more. ..Read More

Below the kayaking section you will see several sub sections: here we are going to cover the most popular sections to let you know what you will find in each category.

Kayaks and kayak paddles

Here you will be able to shop our complete supply of kayaks or kayak paddles that we currently have in stock. We offer a great selection of kayaks from sit on tops to sit in kayaks for both large open waterways to smaller rivers. Having the correct kayak for what you will be doing is very important and we know it which is why we stock so many great kayaks from so many top brands. The kayak paddle is the next most important piece of equipment a kayaker can have which is why we carry many styles, shapes, materials and levels of kayak paddles. To adhere to all the differing disciplines of kayaking we stock anything from beginner style paddles for under a hundred dollars to full fledge carbon kayak paddles for a couple hundred dollars. When buying a kayak or kayak paddle it is important to be honest with how often you will be using the equipment and at what level.

Kayaking sprayskirts and cockpit covers

While kayaking it is sometimes nice to have a bit of a cover up and with sprayskirts you can get some decent coverage. Typically sprayskirts are used when kayaking in the fall months when temperatures drop or if you are paddling rougher waters like a river with some rapid features. Sprayskirts are available in several styles from a looser fitting design that offers some good movement to skin tight neoprene models and will depend on your specific preference and the type of kayaking you will be doing. Cockpit covers are great for storing or transporting your kayak. For storage a cockpit cover will seal up your kayak and not allow any creepy crawlies in for you to find on your next paddle.

Kayak safety accessories, dry bags, gloves, fishing equipment and much more

In the remainder of the sub categories of kayaking gear you will find everything else you need for paddling. In the safety accessories section you will find products like sponges, bilge pumps, lights and more to keep you safe while kayaking. The dry bags section will be chocked full of dry bags to keep all your gear in to keep it dry and safe no matter what. In the gloves section you can find kayaking gloves which work great for longer paddles or paddles in colder weather. And for the fishing enthusiasts you will find a great supply of fishing supplies for kayaking from rigging and more kayak accessories like fishing rod holders, tackle boxes and more.

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