Kids Water Skis

Kids Water Ski Shopping Tips

Kids water skis are basically scaled down versions of the adult skis and will offer many of the same characteristics and features. Here at we stock a large selection of kids water skis which can range from beginner trainer skis to advanced kids skis with slalom capabilities. With all these styles and models of kids water skis to choose from you will be happy to use the left hand refinements while shopping. The refinements found on the left of the page offer an easy way to narrow down the kids water skis being shown to you...Read More


Here we are going to go over some of the more commonly used refinements and how to best use these when shopping kids water skis and kids trainer skis. Shopping by brand, color or price.

Searching for kids water skis by a specific brand, color or price range will offer some of the more commonly searched refinements all in one easy to use spot making it simple to narrow your search to exactly what you’re looking for. Using the brand refinement will show you only kids water skis by the brand you are looking; simply choose the brand you’d like to see kids skis in and the page will refresh and show only that brand.

The color refinement works well as some kids don’t care much about the brand, style or performance but they do care about the looks and color. Here you can select to be shown only the color they like and then narrow down the search based on other characteristics.

The price refinement is great as you can be sure to stick to the budget you have for kids water skis by clicking the price range that adheres to your budget.

Shopping by size, trainers and skill range

Shopping kids water skis by size is great for those that know exactly what they are looking for when it comes to length. With this refinement you can be shown only kids water skis that are available in the size you need.

When shopping kids water skis you may see a lot of trainer skis which will typically offer a unique shape or a connection in the front of the skis. These trainer kids skis are typically able to be used as standard skis with a bit of adjustment which typically includes removing the front bar attaching the two skis to each other. To shop only kids water skis that have trainer abilities is easy; simply select yes in the “has trainer” refinement. Once clicked you will now only see kids water skis that offer a trainer system.

Skill range is a slightly less used refinement when shopping kids water skis but if you have a strict beginner and only want to be shown beginner skis or have an advanced kid you can easily shop certain skill levels of skis here. You can select one or more skill ranges to be shown a mix of ranges in kids water skis.

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