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Inflatable Island Shopping Tips

- Pool and lake inflatables have become more and more popular over the years and now there are several styles and types of inflatables to choose from. From floating around the pool solo in an inflatable lounger to floating 10 people deep across the lake on a party lounge you will find all types of inflatables here for different users and uses. With so many different brands of pool and lake inflatables from O’Brien, Liquidforce, Aquaglide, Rave and more you can expect to have some choices to make while shopping...Read More

Here we will talk briefly about the most popular types of pool and lake inflatables available.

Raft style pool and lake inflatables

The raft style inflatable has grown in popularity over the years and as the popularity has grown so have some of the designs. A raft used to be simply a floating chair for one person and sometimes two people if you are lucky. Now you will still find the one and two person raft style inflatables but they are not as basic as they used to be. Now there are models with more unique shapes that offer different feels, fits and uses. Most raft style inflatables will offer some type of cup holder now so you can stay hydrated while on the lake or in the pool. Some models are more supportive than others and will offer a supportive back similar to a chair. As most all these raft style pool and lake inflatables are different it’s best to take a good look at the description before purchasing.

Party island inflatables

Party islands are the new big thing in lake inflatables. These party islands fit multiple people; sometimes these islands can fit up to 8 people. Party is in the name because that’s what these are so good for, floating parties. Most of the party inflatables will offer cup holders and a stable steady surface so everyone can relax and just float or throw an anchor and just stay put for awhile. Be sure to check out the product description as most all party island inflatables will offer some different features; some will offer mesh floors, some will have more cup holders than others and so on so be sure to check to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

Boat style inflatables

These inflatables are shaped like boats and will offer enough room for two to three people. Fairly basic these are not inflatable boats or rafts that you are going to want to take down any fast moving water or rapids but are great for slow moving rivers and lakes.

Don’t forget the inflator!

All of these pool and lake inflatables are great and offer some great fun but blowing them up without a pump would not be fun. We definitely suggest purchasing a nice pump to inflate these inflatables and all your inflatables. The inflators we sell will offer several attachments to be used with various types of inflatables.

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