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If you’re looking to have a little more fun than just bouncing you will love inflatable water parks. Water trampolines offer a fun time but water parks take it a step further with additional pieces and connections to other pieces. These attachments are what make the big difference between trampolines and inflatable water parks as the park offers a trampoline as well but also offers other fun pieces to play on. Here we are going to talk briefly about some of the attachments you will find on inflatable water parks...Read More


There are many attachments that can be purchased for water parks which really turn a water trampoline into a true water park. Let's talk about some of the most popular attachments!

Logs - Logs are directly attached to the water park and offer a unique test of balance to challenge yourself and friends. The log when inflated will offer a straight extended piece which will move slightly when walked on so you can test your balance against your friends to see who can make it further down the log before falling into the water. Some inflatable water parks will offer this as a standard feature. If this is not a standard feature you can purchase logs separately.

Slides - This water park accessory is one of the most sought after. This slide feature is going to be similar to any slide you’ve been on but will be softer and inflated making it safe while offering a unique feeling while sliding down. Slides attach to the side of inflatable water parks making them secure and when you slide down them you will end up sliding directly into the water.

Launches - Launch attachments will test your will while offering tons of fun and excitement. The launch is an attachment that will go onto the side of inflatable water parks and will have some give to it. One person will sit on the end of the launch pushing down on the material; another bouncer will jump on the other end of the launch which will in turn “launch” the person sitting on the end into the air. This is a great inflatable water park attachment as it incorporates two users and will offer something fun and different to the bouncing experience.

As you can see there are some great attachments found when shopping inflatable water parks. As water parks come with differing features and attachments included be sure to check out the details to see exactly what comes with your inflatable water parks kit.

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