Helmet Cameras

Helmet cameras have grown in popularity immensely over the years and now seeing them on helmets while wakeboarding and waterskiing is about as normal as seeing a moustache on a wakeboarder. There have been many upgrades over the years granting these cameras with new designs, new features and more. The helmet cameras you see now are not the helmet cameras of yesteryear, now you have smaller more compact designs that are easier to control and have better video quality...Read More


The world of electronics is constantly changing, updating, getting smaller, getting bigger and more but you can really buy confidently with a new helmet camera as you are getting HD quality and video quality that is going to be in tune for many years.

Key points for shopping helmet cameras

Keep in mind the mounting – Be aware of where you wish to mount the helmet camera. Although coined with the name “helmet” cameras this is far from the only place these little cameras come in handy. With a ton of differing mount options that you can purchase separate for the helmet camera your options of mounting becomes near limitless. You can get mounts for your boat, vest, actual wakeboard or skis and many more. Some helmet cameras will offer different mounts in the package so be sure to look and see what your camera comes with from the factory. If it doesn’t come with exactly what you need you can order it at the time of purchase as we stock many of these mounting options.

Know how you are going to us the camera – There are various levels of helmet cameras that come in at all different price levels. Knowing that you are either going to only be using the camera sporadically and don’t need the best is different than someone who is going to be using the camera daily to capture professional level wakeboarding, waterskiing or any other activity. Be true to yourself and what you wish to achieve with your helmet camera and you will have an easier time determining what model is going to work best for you.

Pay attention to helmet cameras specs – As we mentioned above helmet cameras often come with additional features. You will want to spend special attention to the helmet cameras description and specs to see exactly what each specific model comes with and the difference in settings and quality. Two very similar helmet cameras may have very different prices until you realize one shoots 3D and comes with extra accessories and the other is just the standard camera.

If while shopping helmet cameras you find yourself with more questions please contact our customer service by online chat, email or give us a call.

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