Water Ski Gloves

Water Ski Glove Shopping Tips

Water skiers everywhere will agree that water ski gloves are a very important piece of equipment. Water ski gloves are tighter fitting gloves worn by water skiers to offer protection, comfort, grip and more while skiing. Depending how often you water ski and at what level there are various degrees of gloves from basic to fairly in depth with different types of materials, thicknesses, closure systems and more...Read More


Reasons to wear water ski gloves - Protection and support – Water ski gloves offer protection and support while waterskiing. With a lot of pressure and exertion being put on your hands the gloves offer a support system to give you a better feel both through your hands and wrists. The protection comes from getting blisters and raw hands from holding the ski rope all day. Water ski gloves work as a layer of defense between the ski rope and your hands.

Grip – Holding onto the water ski rope handle can get difficult when your hands get wet and tired. Having water ski gloves with a durable palm that offers a lot of grip will be a game changer giving you longer days on the lake with no soreness or issues dropping the handle. The palms on most all water ski gloves will offer a double or triple layer palm to ensure you have a good amount of time to use the gloves before they begin to wear.

Comfort and Confidence – In line with the grip aspect wearing water ski gloves will also offer great comfort and confidence while waterskiing. With the ability to hold the handle greater the concern of dropping or losing grip becomes much less leaving you more time to concentrate on your waterskiing.

Warmth – Waterskiing in the fall and even in the spring can offer some colder days out on the lake. Having the proper attire will make a big difference and topping it all off with some water ski gloves is a great way to go. Wearing gloves in a bit crisper weather will keep your hands warm giving you the best ability at feeling for and holding onto the handle while waterskiing.

All these reasons should have you thinking of which model of water ski gloves you are going to add to your collection. Now that you know all the great protection, support, grip, comfort and warmth can come from these gloves it’s amazing you’ve made it this long without them.

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