Combo Water Ski Shopping Tips

Adult combo water skis are what all adults who are just learning to ski should start on. Unlike slalom skis you get two skis with combo skis so you have more stability and control as you learn. If you are looking to advance and move from combo water skis to slalom you can find combo skis that offer a second binding on one ski so you can drop a ski and continue skiing slalom. As there are various styles, sizes and abilities to adult combo water skis there are several ways to narrow down your search while shopping...Read More


You will see several search refinement boxes on the left of the page. These boxes will have a title and then clickable inner area which will change the skis displayed.

Shopping by brand - If you are brand loyal to a certain manufacturer of combo water skis this refinement will be very beneficial. Instead of searching through the skis to find all the models by your favorite brand you can select the brand here. Selecting a brand of combo water skis in this refinement will refresh the page to show only skis by the brand you have selected.

Shopping by color - So this one may not be as useful but maybe you saw a set of combo water skis out on the lake you wanted to find but could only see the color. Here you can select a certain color from the palate and be shown only combo water skis that are predominately the color you have selected.

Shopping by price - This refinement is great for those on a budget or if you’re buying a combo water ski to be shared among a group and have a dedicated allowance. When you select a price range in this refinement you will only be shown combo water skis that fit into the price range you had selected.

Shopping by size - Yes, combo water skis are available in different sizes. These sizes are determined by a few factors including user weight, boat speed and ability. For full sizing information for combo water skis please view our buying guide. Selecting a size in this refinement will show you only skis offered in the size you’re specifically looking for.

Shopping by slalom capability - Here you can simply select yes or no to see only combo water skis that are slalom capable or not. If the skis are slalom capable it will mean they offer a 2nd binding on one of the skis so you can drop a ski and learn to ski slalom with the combo skis.

Shopping by skill range - This is one of the refinements that will get a lot of use. Here you can narrow down the selection of combo water skis from beginner to advanced and everything in between. Maybe you are buying your first pair of combo water skis so you only want to be shown beginner skis, here you can select to do so.

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