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You bought the kayak, canoe or SUP but now you realize you have to haul this stuff around and it’s not all going to fit in your Subaru, Jeep, Ford or any other vehicle. Here at we have you covered as we stock several options of carrying systems from roof mounted carrier racks and systems to complete trailer systems. There are many options when shopping car racks and trailers because everyone is going to have a certain solution that is going to work best for them. Below we are going to briefly touch on the subcategories available to narrow down the selection of car racks and trailer systems...Read More


Car top bars and clamps

In this section you will be able to shop the actual bars and clamp systems that attach to the top of the car. This works great for those that have vehicle that don’t offer a factory rack system which is typically only offered on SUV’s and crossover SUV’s. Some choose to purchase an aftermarket rack system from Thule or Yakima even when they have a factory rack system. This is due to Thule and Yakima systems offering a sturdier set up which can often take more weight and offer more options for attachments.

Kayak car racks

In this section you will be able to shop the actual carriers for not only kayaks but canoes and SUP boards as well. These carriers will attach to a factory rack system or onto a car top system from Yakima or Thule which we covered above. Most canoe or kayak car racks are meant for one kayak or canoe unless otherwise noted. To carry multiple kayaks or canoes you will typically need to purchase more than one rack system. SUP racks typically feature enough space for at least 2 SUP boards.

Kayak blocks and tie downs

Kayak blocks are going to the most inexpensive way to transport kayaks without having to get a rack system installed on your car. These block systems work well for short distance travel but we suggest a rack system and carrier for long journeys. Here you can also get any additional tie downs or straps that you may need in addition to what you already have.

Cargo boxes and bags

In this section you can shop the hard top car top carriers from Thule and Yakima as well as the soft pack bags type carriers. These roof top carriers offer much needed space to fill with gear so you still have some room in you car for people and additional luggage. Cargo boxes and bags will attach to factory mounted rack systems and aftermarket car top rack systems.

Kayak trailers

Kayak trailers are great for those transporting multiple kayaks. Kayak trailers are lightweight and easy to manage behind nearly any vehicle. We stock a great selection of kayak trailer systems from Yakima and Trailex with the ability to carry just a couple of kayaks up to 16 kayaks. Kayak trailers work great for those constantly transporting multiple kayaks and gear and make unloading and loading a breeze.

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