Canoe Shopping Tips


Canoes and canoeing equipment can range from inexpensive beginner level gear to a bit pricier advanced level gear for those canoeing more often. The differences between canoeing equipment can range with factors that impact durability, weight and performance. In the canoes section here at you will find higher end canoes and canoe paddles from Wenonah, Mad River Canoe, Bending Branches and more. Let’s explain a bit better what you will be getting if you simply spend a bit more on a canoe or canoeing equipment.


What you’ll get with higher end canoes


Most see a canoe and just see a canoe plain and simple. So what makes the difference from an inexpensive canoe you can purchase from a big box store to the ones on here that cost a couple hundred dollars? Some of the main differences in these canoes are going to be in their design and performance. Canoes by brands like Mad River and Wenonah are going to be built with lightweight polyethylene or fiberglass which gives a lightweight finish that is durable and sturdy. These materials make canoeing easier and more enjoyable while making it a lot easier to carry the canoe from point a to point b. The canoe will also track straighter due to a more true design in form that will not falter due to excess heat or use. Some of the most important benefits of a higher end canoe will not be seen for several years when the canoe is still in great working order where some canoes if used regularly will be worn out by this time.


Why buy an expensive canoe paddle?


Higher quality canoe paddles will offer a lighter weight design that will be more durable against any breakage or defect. Made mostly out of wood laminates which then gets wrapped in fiberglass these canoe paddles are very lightweight yet durable. To add extra durability companies will add a rock guard which is an additional wrap that goes around the actual blade of the canoeing paddle. When shopping canoe paddles be sure to pay special attention to the shape of the shaft as they can vary from straight to bent with various degrees of bend added to them.


So there are some differences in canoes and canoeing equipment that you will want to take into consideration when making your decision. To best make this decision it is going to be best to think of how often you go canoeing to where you would be using the canoe. Check the canoes description and specs to get full information regarding material, shape, weight and much more.


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