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Buying Guide | Water Trampolines


Rave Bouncer
Choosing a water trampoline or water bouncer for summer fun can be confusing as there are a lot of options out there. Choosing the perfect fit for you and your family is all about being informed on the different types of water trampolines, water bouncers and various accessories. This guide will help you find the right product for you and your needs.


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Water Bouncers

Water Bouncer


Water bouncers are often mistaken for their more expensive counterpart, water trampolines. The jumping surface of a water bouncer is connected directly to the floatation part of the bouncer instead of being connected by springs thus giving it a smaller bounce. They are typically smaller than water trampolines making them easier to store and easier to set up because they require no assembly.




Jumping surface is connected to the floatation tube, typically by interlocking nylon webbing.


Jumping service of bouncers is NOT connected by springs.




Does not require assembly, only inflation.


Inflate and anchor before enjoying.


Anchor should be a simple D-ring anchor or any weight over 20 pounds should suffice.


Anchor in over six feet of water to avoid injuries.




Bouncers usually range in size from 10 to 15 feet in diameter.


Bouncers are generally less expensive than water trampolines and are typically under $1,000.

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Water Trampolines

Water Trampoline


Inflatable water trampolines differ from water bouncers due to the fact that they can hold heavier weight loads and tend to allow to higher jumps. The added support and higher jumps are a result of the framed jump surface that is connected by springs to a frame, which is then connected to the inflation tube.




Jumping surface of a water trampoline is connected to the frame by springs.


Provides significantly greater weight support and higher jumping heights.




Some assembly required.


Frame and jumping surface must be assembled and attached to the floatation tube once inflated.


Anchor needs to be at least 60 pounds and should be anchored in a place without water currents.




It is easy to find water trampolines priced under $1,000 but they can be over $1,000 also.


Can be as large as 25′ in diameter and as small as 11′ in diameter.


Typically are more expensive than water bouncers.




Rectangular trampolines are offered that range in sizes and can be up to 25 feet in length.


Rectangular trampolines tend to be more expensive and hold tension better because of their shape.


Circular trampolines tend to be less expensive and do not hold tension as well but they do have a sweet spot in the middle of the mat because of the tension distribution.

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Water Parks

Water Park


If you’re looking for the ultimate experience on the water and you’re willing to spend the money, checkout the selection of complete water parks. A complete water park offers you a water trampoline and a combination of a slide, aqua log, and aqua launch. Some parks will come with all three attachments, while others will come with only two. Water parks with all three attachments will be priced a bit higher.


Water Trampoline Accessories




An electric air pump will be the most important water trampoline accessory that you will purchase. This is not to say that you can’t use a non-electric pump, but an electric pump will save you much time and effort in inflating your water trampoline of choice.


A wide variety of inflators are available from the makers of water trampolines.


Be careful not to over inflate as this could cause damage to your water trampoline or water bouncer.




Many trampolines come equipped with ladders.


For those that do not, it is recommended that you purchase a ladder. A ladder will provide a lot of convenience to the young children and allow for maximum enjoyment.


Stainless steel/Aluminum ladders are recommended.

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Turn your water bouncer or water trampoline into a water park piece-by-piece by adding a slide, aqua log, or launch. Such attachments will add many additional hours of fun to your day in the sun.


SlidesSlide Attachment


Available in both small and large size attachments to cater to your taste or the size of your water trampoline.


• Available from the top brands.




LogsLog Attachment


Available from Rave Sports, the Aqua Log is an exciting addition to any water trampoline.


An Aqua Log is a straight, inflatable attachment that challenges you to run to the end without falling in the water. It sounds much easier than it is!



Launch/Blast BagLaunch Attachment


The Aqua Launch attachment is another interesting attachment offered by Rave Sports. One person sits at the end of the launch, while another jumps onto it. The result is the individual on the end being launched into the air!






Safety is one of the main concerns of many people who purchase water trampolines. Children under 6 years old should not be allowed on water trampolines and children over 6 should be supervised by an adult. Life vests should be worn at all times while enjoying your water trampoline. Also, be sure to read all directions carefully and set up your water trampoline and accessories accordingly to ensure maximum safety and fun!







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