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Buying Guide for Kids Water Skis




If you’re looking to get water skis for the kids then there are some things to consider that are different than purchasing adult water skis. You’ll want to think about the size of the child or children you plan on buying kids water skis for as well as skill level. If you have a lot of different people of all ages on your boat every weekend then the following guide will let you know the options available to ensure that all your guests have a good time!




This is a pretty general guide to follow when purchasing Kids Water Skis.


Kids Water Ski Size Chart




For the absolute beginner Water Skier, the Ski Buds are for the kids who were like me when learning how to Water Ski. For those who have trouble getting up while in deep water, these reduce frustration and allow the new Water Skier to keep the tips up and get going with ease.


Ski Buds Water Ski Helpers




Water Ski Trainers are great for helping to get the feel of Water Skiing just like training wheels are on a bicycle. They usually work by the child sitting on top of a trainer which is an inflatable catarmaran style floatation device. The boat pulls them and they can have the fun of Water Skiing without the chance of falling down quickly after trying for hours just to stand up.


Water Ski Trainer




When it comes to the purchasing of Water Skis for kids, you’ll have a few cool options to choose from.


First off, there are a standard pair of Water Skis that work just like an adult version.


A more ideal pair of Water Skis would offer adjustable bindings so if you have a six year old and a ten year old on your boat you can fix the bindings according to their foot size and comfort.


If your child is getting on a pair of Water Skis however they are still new to water skiing but too old (or experienced) for the trainers, you’ll want to look for a pair of Water Skis that have the option for a stabilizer bar. This prevents the Water Skis from crossing and keep them apart at a space ideal for Water Skiing.


With the different Water Skis out there you'll have plenty options to help your child grow confidently in a sport that is fun for the whole family. An investment in the right Water


Skis or utilizing trainers can make the difference and reduce the frustration of trying to stand up or of constantly falling when learning.


Types of Water Ski Trainers

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