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Hobie Kayak Buying Guide

Hobie Kayak Buying Guide


When you start shopping for a Hobie kayak it may be easy to get overwhelmed. There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a Hobie kayak including Mirage pedal driven kayaks, paddle kayaks and more. Here we are going to go over the most common features to look for when choosing a Hobie and how to choose based on your personal needs.


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Number of Occupants Mirage
User Height and Weight Fishing Weight

Other Features





There are two types of construction found on Hobie kayaks. The kayaks will either be a rotomolded plastic material or an inflatable Denier PVC material.


• Rotomolded Plastic


This is the most popular construction when it comes to Hobie kayaks. Rotomolded plastic is sturdy and durable offering paddlers a great experience each time they take to the water. Rotomolded Hobie kayaks will require a car top carrier or trailer.


• Inflatable Denier PVC


Inflatable Hobie kayaks perform great and offer the best features of any inflatable kayak. The Denier PVC is very durable and offers a very safe and sturdy feel on the water. An upside to an inflatable Hobie kayak is the easier ability to transport the kayak once deflated.


Tandem Hobie Kayak

Number of Occupants


Most kayaks are sold as singles as most people tend to enjoy paddling their own vessel but Hobie kayaks are available in singles and tandems for those looking for a two seater. Tandem Hobie kayaks are going to be a bit larger than standard single seat models but are great for those that are looking to paddle a kayak with a friend or significant other. Tandem kayaks are not going to perform well with only one occupant so it’s best to buy a tandem Hobie kayak if you are sure to be kayaking with a partner.




The Hobie Mirage system is a pedal propelled system offering kayakers the ability to pedal their kayak as well as paddling. Equipped with a quality pedal system and rudder steering mechanism, it is possible to pedal and steer the kayak with no paddle. These systems are great for anglers so they can use their free hands to cast and fish.


The Mirage drive systems utilizes the largest human muscle group of the human body making kayaking easier and more efficient. Having the option to paddle traditionally or pedal makes for a fun and exciting time on the water.




User Height and Weight


Taking into account your height and weight when shopping for a Hobie kayak will ensure you can easily get in and out of the kayak. A taller or larger person will benefit from a more open cockpit kayak design giving them plenty of room to get in and get comfortable. A shorter or smaller person will have more control in a tighter cockpit giving them more control over the kayak. Sit on top Hobie kayaks are great for all users.





Certain Hobie kayaks will have the word “angler” in their title. These kayaks will come readily equipped for fishing outfitted with such features as tackle storage, rod storage, anchor trolley system, mounting boards and more! If you fish there really isn’t a better setup than a Hobie angler kayak. These kayaks may be a bit more costly than standard models but can save money over equipping a non angler kayak with all the features included.






When shopping for a Hobie kayak you will want to pay attention to the kayak’s weight. Some kayaks can get fairly heavy and you will want to keep in mind how you will be transporting and carrying the kayak. There are load assistant car top carriers that can help get the kayak on the car, or trailers for a really easy load. It is also recommended to purchase a kayak transport cart; these carts can save you time and hassle making it super easy to transport your Hobie to the water.



Other Features


Hobie Adventure Island Kayak

• Hobie Adventure Island kayaks: Adventure island kayaks are good for paddling, sailing and fishing. With two color coordinated Amas, four detachable Akas and a patented Roller-Furling Sail with Battens this kayak turns into a mini sailboat.



• Rudders: Hobie kayaks can come with or without rudders. A rudder is a device mounted to the rear of the kayak and aids in tracking. When positioned in the center position it will help the kayak go straight. Rudders can also be used to steer the kayak left or right with controls by the cockpit that the paddler controls.



• Bulkheads: Bulkheads are foam sealed areas in the Hobie kayak which create an airtight compartment. Bulkheads can be found in the bow and stern of the kayak and aid in the kayak’s buoyancy and will make them less likely to flood.



• Hatches: Hatches are access points that give paddlers the ability to store supplies inside the airtight bulkheads. Hobie kayaks can feature bow and stern hatches depending on the model. Hatches are great for storing safety supplies, overnight camping supplies, fishing supplies and anything else you need while on the water.


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