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Bathing Suit Buying Guide

So you’re not a supermodel—me neither. However, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to make you feel like one at the beach, by the pool or wherever your bathing suit may take you this summer! Getting To Know Your Body Before choosing a bathing suit, it is imperative that you understand your body type. Most women experience ‘The Funhouse Mirror Effect’, i.e. a skewed perception of their bodies as if they were looking into a funhouse mirror. How do you avoid this, you ask? Supermodel Tip #1: Take your measurements! Numbers don’t lie. This way, you may identify your body type and really allow your natural beauty to shine through.


Now that you’ve measured yourself and have your numbers, let’s go body shopping!


Hourglass Key Characteristics: Broad Shoulders, Large Bust, Slim Waist, Wide Hips


Celebrity Identifier: Marilyn Monroe


Challenge: Keep chest supported


What To Look For On Top: To help your bust stay in place, look for bathing suits that offer Bra Tops or Halter Tops. The not-so-busty hourglass should opt for a String Bikini Top.


How To Handle The Bottom: Since you look great in any bathing suit, take advantage of the fact that your body type supports String Bikini Bottoms and buy a pair!


Styles To Avoid: Mismatched colors on top and bottom of the bathing suit – The uneven colors could potentially take away from your already beautiful figure.


Athletic Key Characteristics: Narrow Shoulders, Small Bust, Slim Waist, Slender Hips


Celebrity Identifier: Cameron Diaz


Challenge: Create an illusion of curves


What Looks Best: Since your body is thin and athletic, you want to find a bathing suit with sexy details that play up your curves – look for Cutouts, Girly Details and Side Ties.


Styles To Avoid: Bandeau Tops, Tube Tops and Shapeless Tankinis transform your toned and fit body into a rectangle, so it’s best to keep away.


Pear Key Characteristics: Narrow Shoulders, Small Bust, Full Bum, Wide Hips


Celebrity Identifier: Kate Hudson


Challenge: Even out top and bottom proportions


What To Look For On Top: Anything to accentuate your cleavage! Think Bandeau, Halter or Bra top bathing suits. The more detail, the better – It keeps people looking up, creating an hourglass illusion.


How To Handle The Bottom: Keep it covered. Here, you want Boy Shorts, Skirts or full-coverage Briefs as simple as they come.


Styles To Avoid: To downplay your lower half, pass up Loud Prints, Side Ties and Ruffled bathing suits.


Strawberry Key Characteristics: Broad Shoulders, Large Bust, Flat Bum, Narrow Hips


Celebrity Identifier: Tyra Banks


Challenge: Create a defined waist


What To Look For: To balance out your proportions, pick a Solid Color Tankini Top and a Patterned Bottom bathing suit, perhaps even a Skirt.  Empire Waist One-Piece bathing suits look amazing on your body type and create one long line from head to toe.


Styles To Avoid: Horizontal Stripes will make you appear wider than you are, enough said.


If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It


So what happens when an Athletic Body has gained some weight around the midsection or a Pear Body morphed into an Strawberry? Don’t fear, there are options just for you and your ever-changing body!


Small Bust

Girly details on top like Fringes and Ruffles draw attention away from your upper-half.


Triangle Tops define your chest.


You can never go wrong with Plenty of Padding.





As with everyday fashion, a Belted One-Piece bathing suit gives the illusion of a waist.


Tankinis always mask anything you want to hide!


High (Empire) Waists are a fun, fashionable way to camouflage a round middle.



Large Bum


Bottoms With Rings really help hold your bathing suit up.


Boy Shorts conceal the junk in your trunk.


Plunging Necklines keep the focus off your bottom-half.



Large Bust


Thick Halters were made specifically for you.


Underwire Top – Hey, it’s like wearing a bra at the beach!


To avoid sagging, try a Wide Band Top.



Now that you’re armed and ready for bathing suit season, you only need to know one more trick to look amazing at the beach. Supermodel Tip #2: Wear your bathing suit with confidence. If you feel great in it, you look great in it – and you will shine brighter than the sun you’re basking under!


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