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You Know You’re a Kayaker When…



Do you remember the first time you kayaked?  Were you hooked instantly?  Here at we are paddling fanatics so we put together some fun one-liners that have been surfacing.  See if you have thought or done anything listed below.  Feel free to add any you think we missed!  After reading some of these we quickly realized at that paddling is in our blood.  We are happy to share these with you and enjoy!


Beautiful Day for Kayaking



-You watch the weather and think "heavy rain" is a "good" weather forecast.



-You can't drive over a river without stopping to look up stream.



-Whenever you give directions you include phrases like "cross over the X river" but you can't remember the road names, "there is a pond on your left" or "the road follows the river" etc.



-When your basement smells like a combination of old polypro and stale river water.



-You choose a home based on its proximity to a river.



-Your Sunday drives in the country with your family or significant other often includes detours to drive by a river or to an outfitter's shop.



-There is no room in your garage for your car because your boat(s) take up too much room.



-You appear at a chiropractor appointment in your wetsuit because there was simply no time to change.



-Your boat cost more than your car.



-You call work to tell them your sick and then go paddling.



-You find yourself humming Weather Channel tunes.



-You can ID make and model on a car topped canoe or kayak at a quarter mile.




-The phrases "wet, sticky hole" and "blowing a ferry" in casual conversation don't give you pause.



-You attempt to roll just about anything that floats at theme parks.



-You measure major purchases relative to the cost of a new boat — "Hmmm, that new computer will cost me about 2 1/2 kayak units."


-You jump in the car after boating and the process of buckling-up seems kind of silly considering what you've just been through.



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