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Winter Months Equal Big Savings for Water Sports



It’s time to put the boat into storage and deflate the tubes.  Well, it’s the end of October so you should have already done that.  But just because you’re putting things into storage doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy what the summer stuff has to offer.


Out-of-season is a great time to start shopping.  Need some patio furniture?  Try looking now.  I need a new weed whacker because if I rethread it one more time and it comes loose again it will be shattered into hundreds of pieces in my driveway.  October is a good time to pick up a new weed whacker.


We’re at the end of the boating season so naturally towable tubes, life jackets, water skis and much more are being marked down.  This site has tons of items marked down.  Now a life jacket may sit in your garage all winter long or the 2011 Rave tube might sit in the basement deflated until April but why wait to get these items?  If they haven’t been used (which they haven’t) you might as well take advantage of these mark-downs.  Keep ‘em in the bag or box until next Spring so they have that fresh plastic bag or box smell.  If you’re not a boater but you’re a fan of the water you can get some new pool and lake toys too while saving 70%


And the apparel?  Do you know how hard it will be to find a bathing suit in the dead-middle of winter before your trip to warmer climates?  If you have a trip planned you might as well pick up what you need, have it shipped to your house and have one less thing to stress you out before flying.  Oh, and you’ll save 60% too. More money to spend towards SCUBA diving lessons!


I’m off to give the weed whacker another try and do my best to not swear too loudly when it doesn’t work.

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