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What Type of Bathing Suit is Best For You?



I was walking through Target on my lunch break and stumbled on the magazine aisle. It’s that time of year again where all the focus is on how to look great in a bathing suit. “Look hot in a bikini”  “Get flat abs and cute butt now” “Find the perfect swimsuit” As I flipped through the pages, I was in awe at all the perfect bodies.  Inside my head I was thinking, this is not reality.  I was just at pool a few weeks ago and I did not see all these gorgeous bodies.  How come we don’t see average people in the magazines? Would we not buy them? I decided to focus my next blog on my co-workers and what works for them when it comes to shopping for bathing suit.  I work with a bunch of women who are not models but regular people in all different shapes and sizes.  Shopping for a swimsuit is usually the most dreaded moment for all women but they all do it.  The one consistent thing from everyone was that they bought a suit last year and they are all on the hunt for a new one this year.  I thought it might be helpful to others to get some input from them. Looking at our Buying Guide and finding out what body type you are and what type of bathing suits works best on your shape is a great way to start.



Pear Shaped Bathing Suit Figure


Pear.  I hate shopping for bathing suits because I’m so self critical.  I’m small on top and bigger on the bottom.  I like tankinis and prefer bandeaus. I like a print on the top and a solid on the bottom because it draws more attention to my top.



Bathing Suit Style


Pear.  Let’s just say I never follow the rules.  I like to wakeboard and swim a lot.  Halter tops are great because they give you a little more coverage and are sportier.  As for bottoms I like the scoop style or hip huggers.  Ties on the side are nice but I like to have about 1 ½ inch of fabric on the side, not strings.


Hourglass Bathing Suit Figure


Hourglass on the plus side.  I stay away from print because it’s not as flattering. I love black!  Once piece is the best style, not high cut with tummy control fabrics.  I like the top to be more of a sexy look, not too high cut or athletic.  I have not yet bought one but I like the look tankinis with a skirted bottom.


Hourglass Bathing Suit Figure


Athletic/Hourglass.  I go with a two piece suit. I like halter tankinis because it gives you a smoother shape, and better tan lines as to an over the shoulder strap.  I like halters too because you don’t have to worry about straps falling over the shoulders.  The bottoms I like to be higher cut in the waist, either a board short or skirted bottom.


Athletic Bathing Suit Figure


Apple.  One pieces and tankinis are best on me.  I like suits that are tighter at the bust line and then have flowing fabrics in the front.  Skirted bottoms are great and black is the best color all around because it’s slimming.



Apple Shaped Bathing Suit Figure


Pear.  I wear bandeaus and would absolutely not wear a triangle.  I like my bottom to be full coverage, like skirts.  I’ve never had a pair of boy shorts but that would probably work too.  I definitely stay away from tie side.



Bathing Suit Shape


Hourglass.  I love the one piece retro cut that comes lower on the hips.  I look for crushed fabric in the middle.  Halter tops tankinis are great with a thicker strap. The top has to have enough coverage that I don’t fall out.  For bottoms I like boy shorts and skirted bottoms because they are more flattering on the hips.  My last bathing suit I’ve had for 2 years but I buy cover-ups often.



Athletic Bathing Suit Shape


Athletic.  I have a smaller chest so I only buy triangle tops.  For bottoms I like tie side with strings or thicker but for sure thin on the side.  I never deviate from this look because it works best for me.    I kayak and wakeboard a lot so I pair up a board shorts with my bikini to complete my look and give me more coverage while doing these sports.



Bathing Suit Shape


Apple.  I love strapless but with an optional strap.  I like emphasis on the bust but then flowing fabric below the bust line.  This shapes busts but conceals stomach.  Being shorter I like a higher cut bottom to give the look of length.  Prints are pretty but only subtle prints like pastels or black and white.  I avoid horizontal stripes or any horizontal pattern. While shopping for a swimsuit is not fun.  I realized everyone here at some point was able to find what works for them.  Shopping does take time but knowing based on your body type what looks best can help you narrow your options.

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