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Werner Paddles | The Easy Choice



What makes Werner paddles the easy choice? Is it because Werner is 100% made in the USA? Maybe it’s because Werner is a family owned business? Although those are great reasons, the main and most important is most likely the quality and performance of their paddles. When your roughly performing 1,000 paddle strokes per mile, the paddle you use better be a Werner.


As an American company Werner makes quality paddles from entry level to extreme performance and keeps jobs for hardworking kayakers of Sultan Washington. A fun fact about the Werner paddles logo is the “W” stands for Werner Furrer Sr which is the owner of Werner paddles name, but the “M” which is directly below the “W” stands for his wife Martha who is in the business also. The logo came to be as they had the W and M written on all their gear to signify that it was theirs, when it came time to make a logo it was simple, add a circle border and some ripples of water on the side and BAM! The Werner logo back-story helps to further legitimize their family upbringing and uniqueness to the industry. Read more about the Werner paddle story here.


Werner Kayak Paddles



Werner paddles have gained notoriety and a following due to their unique features and performance abilities. Each Werner paddle comes with a fully adjustable ferrule system, this is where the Kayak paddle comes apart in the middle, this elegant and easy to use design has a precise fit that adds performance and long life that won’t loosen up over time. Simply push the button and pull, twist to desired offset, push to snap back together. Adjusts Left or Right in 15 degree increments with no added weight or extra pieces to lose, this professional design is the most functional and advanced Adjustable Ferrule System available. Werner paddles also offer an incredibly low swing weight reducing fatigue so you can paddle longer distances and have absolutely no issue. All Werner paddles are carefully hand crafted using a pressure molding process of high quality fiberglass or carbon weave materials and epoxy resin. All pieces of a Werner paddle are made in house meaning everything made for a paddle is made in the same spot. Werner is the only paddle company to make their own paddle shaft in house and they do so using high quality carbon fiber or fiberglass and resin epoxy, resulting in the strongest shaft to weight ratio for the varying demands of whitewater and touring. What does all this mean to you? This means that a Werner paddle has extra time and preparation incurred to make your experience better and your paddling smoother.


Werner paddles also plays a big part in helping the environment, they do so with their Healthy Waters program. The Healthy Waters program works with a number of non-profit organizations such as American Rivers, Surfrider Foundation, Pugot Soundkeepers alliance among many others. Once you have purchased your new Werner paddle you can go onto their site to register your paddle, fill out a short questionnaire and select from the list of non-profit organizations to choose the one of your liking. From that point Werner will make a donation to your chosen non-profit organization in your name. For a full list of partners and more information please see the about section on Werners site.



Some decisions in life are hard, more than not, but it is simple to see that choosing a Werner paddle is the easy choice. From the hardworking Americans hand-making each piece , the unique features found only in Werner paddles to the good feeling you get from donating to a good cause when you get your new paddle. Werner is taking steps forward to make paddle sports more enjoyable and rewarding for all. Take a look at Werner Paddles website for more information and to keep up to date with news and paddle events. You can also watch some informative videos from Werner paddles that will help your paddling stlye, grip and stroke.


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