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Water Trampolines vs. Bounce Platforms


Water trampolines and bounce platforms look very similar and indeed are similar. Both water trampolines and bounce platforms are have a bounce surface and both can be used for hours of fun. Attachments are offered for both water trampolines and bounce platforms. Attachments can include slides, logs and ladders. Water trampolines have a bounce surface supported by a steel frame and trampoline springs, bounce platforms have jump surface supported by a spring-less interlocking webbing connected from the floatation tube to the jump surface. Water trampolines can hold more weight and will have a higher jump compared to a bounce platform.


Bounce platforms are a great family recreational product and costs less then a water trampoline. It will support a good amount of weight and will provide a short bounce. Generally a bouncer will not require any assembly other then inflating and anchoring. A water trampoline requires assembling the framed jump surface. This will take about 30 minutes additional set-up time. Because of these differences water trampolines are generally higher priced then bounce platforms.

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