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Water Trampolines and Water Toys New For 2011


It seems each and every year water trampolines and water toys get more and more interesting offering customers the ability to heighten the amount of fun they have on the water. Water trampolines started simply as springfree trampolines that you blew up and threw on the water. Now you have water trampolines with full spring set ups, log extensions, slides and more. Water toys used to be super soakers and inflatables and now you have inflatable islands, party loungers and jungle Jim’s. Water trampolines and water toys continue to impress with new designs and new ways to have fun so let’s take a look at the newest and coolest water trampolines and water toys.



Water Trampolines



Several Water Trampolines Set Up

Go ahead and get your feet wet! The waters nice!



Bongo 10, 13 and 15 Foot Water trampoline and Water Park




Rave Bongo Water Trampoline


What are they?


The Bongo water trampoline has been a staple in the Rave line up for years. The Bongo is popular as it’s a springless trampoline making it simple to set up and use. This set up comes with the water park which includes a log and a slide. The addition of the log and slide up the fun factor on this water trampoline and saves you money as you buy it all together. Depending on the amount of users you expect to have there are 3 sizes 10, 13 and 15 feet; 10 foot allows 1 adult or 2 children, 13 foot allows 2 adults or 4 children and the 15 foot model allows 3 adult or 6 children.



Why you want it!


On top of being a very fun water trampoline the Bongo water park will have you out on the water for hours trying to balance on the log or shooting down the slide. You can also use the Bongo as a floating tanning bed if you get lazy and just want to lay out on the lake.



Rave The Eclipse 150 and 200 Water Trampoline and Water Park



Rave Eclipse Water Trampoline


What are they?


If you’re looking for an actual water trampoline complete with bouncy springs and park accessories look no further. The Eclipse 150 and 200 has been revamped for this season by Rave and has been made 30% lighter and 50% easier to set up. The Eclipse will have you getting air in no time and you can also use the Aqua Log and the Aqua Bounce. The Log offers a balance activity and the Aqua launch can have you launched or launching your friends into the water.


Why you want it!


With tons of features, a revamped design and a limited lifetime warranty you’re not just buying a water trampoline you’re investing into a lifetime of fun!



Water Playgrounds


Aquaglide Jungle Jim and Jungle Joe Inflatables


What are they?


The Jungle Jim is like the name sounds Jungle Jim style inflatables for the water. Great to climb around or just hang out in; these units can be attached to other Aquaglide products and create an entire aqua park. Made with commercial grade PVC material the Jungle Jim and Jungle Joe offer the highest quality and durability so you can add fun this summer and many more summers to come.


Why you want it!


Who else on your lake has this? You will be the talk of the lake as your guests will be having the most fun possible on the water. Great for kids and adults alike the Jungle Jim and Jungle Joe are sure to be big hits at any gathering!



Aquaglide Jungle Jim

Aquaglide Jungle Jim, so many possibilities!



Water Toys | Inflatable Islands and Lounges


Inflatable islands and lounges have gained popularity and definitely have gained some innovation over the last couple of years. It used to be you buy the cheap one person lounger from the local hardware and it lasted a week maybe 2 until you were back to buy another one. Well the days of moderately enjoying yourself floating around catching some sun rays are gone; the new inflatable islands and loungers offer a much needed upgrade to the being lazy on the water market.


Inflatable islands are the newest trend; these inflatable islands offer seating for multiple people and many offer cup holders and coolers to make the experience that much better. Float around in style and bond with friends over a few soda pops. Below are some of the hottest inflatable islands out currently.



Liquid Force Party Grotto


Liquid Force Party Grotto, get some shade!



Going it alone? No big deal, you can choose from some of the hot one seat loungers! These work great for single floats or going down the river in style and comfort.


Liquid Force Party Chair




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