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Summer Sports in the Winter



The snow is falling, it’s frigid out there and ice is covering the lake.  You can’t make it down to Florida or Southern California to work on your wakeboarding skills so you’re just going to lose half of what you spent the summer trying to improve.  Well, not necessarily.  Here are a few tips to keep yourself on par with your wakeboarding abilities for when the summer sun shines back upon the cool blue lake.


Pick up a NEW hobby!


First off, wakeboarding has some similarities with some other sports.  In fact, you probably like these other sports and probably are already participating in them.  Snowboarding?  If you’re living near a hill, a mountain or resort then hitting up these destinations and getting some time on your board is a perfect substitute.  Work on your balance and board control, if you spend time in the parks or the halfpipe work your tricks and visualize yourself on the water. Board grabs and riding switch will help improve your overall wakeboarding skills.  Maybe you aren’t close to snow or the snow this year hasn’t been falling, maybe you don’t live within a hundred miles of a ski slope?  What about a skateboard?  It’s a more cost-friendly purchase and the chances of being near a skate park (inside or outside) are better than the odds of being near a chairlift.  Same concept with snowboarding, hone the skills and ride with the water in mind.  Things like board control, grabs and riding switch are also great ways to improve.


Watch and Learn!


Hit the Internet and track down videos of wakeboarders doing their thing or guides that might help you realize what you need improving on.  You might get some new ideas and tips from the pros are always a good thing to have in your pocket.





Don't Shrivel Away!


And remember, if you stay indoors all day then you’re muscles are going to go waste and you will have to build up your endurance once again come summertime.  Exercise, lift weights and stretch.  The littlest amount will help and full body workouts are great.  You need your whole body working to be a great wakeboarder so work on it.  Include balancing exercises too.



Save Money by Shopping in the Winter!


Finally, what about some new equipment? You can wait until summer when everything goes up in price or you can take a look now when water sports are out of season.  You can save a couple bucks that way and when the new gear arrives at your doorstep in the middle of a blizzard you’ll be able to dream of that sunny summer day when you can hit the water with confidence and control.  That day will be here soon, folks, I promise.




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