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Sneak Peak at 2013 O’brien Watersports Gear


By. Steve Hartman


I’ve started creating some product listings and here’s some of the fresh new O'Brien stuff available in 2013. Here’s a few highlights to get you going but be sure to check out more throughout


Are you a wakesurfer? Are you not 100% sure what wakesuring is? Grab onto a rope and fly behind the boat and ride the wake like it’s your own personal wave. Jump aboard O’Brien’s Nalu Wakesurfer which is lightweight and versatile meaning you can really show off your best moves behind the boat. It has a completely flat bottom with a single fin so you can maintain speed as you ride up the wake. Beginner, intermediate, advanced…the Nalu Wakesurfer is perfect for all skill levels.


O'Brien Wakesurfer


How about a hard-charging yet forgiving piece of equipment O’Brien calls the Voo Doo. It’s a kneeboard and its got quad molded fins on each corner for the very best tracking control. A curved underside makes those edge transition smooth like jazz and quick like a Verlander fastball. The O’Brien Voo Doo Kneeboard is for the rider that likes to give everything a try.


O'Brien Kneeboard


Finally, for you tubing fiends, check out the O’Brien Fat Cat. Twelve handles surround this big ole beast so you and up to 4 other riders can hold on for dear life as you fly across the water. The driver of the boat’s job is to get you fly off and get a good soaking but you won’t allow it, will you? With five people aboard this Fat Cat you might want to vie for the center so you can hold out longer than your competition. Not competitive? Cool. Hold on tight and enjoy the wind and water splashing up on yet another beautiful sunny day. Not interested in tubing but relaxing. Grab yourself a drink and use one of the cup holders as a resting place. Now sit back, relax and leisurely pull around the lake on an O’Brien Fat Cat Towable Tube.


O'Brien Towable Tubes


Plenty of other awesome products are found all throughout these categories so whether you’re a water skier, wakeboarder or need to get a couple new life vests, O’Brien’s 2013 catalog has a bunch of great ways to enjoy the warm months of the year.

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