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Selecting a Wakeboard Rope

When it comes to wakeboarding, any old towrope just isn’t going to cut it. You may be thinking that you’re going to dig out that old water ski rope that you’ve had stored in the back of the boat for a while, but I caution you to think twice about that. Why you ask? Well wakeboarding a is different animal than water skiing. That rope you’ve used for water skiing time and time again is designed to stretch, which isn’t ideal for wakeboarders. When a wakeboarder uses a rope that stretches, the rope will recoil while he or she is in the air, reducing the height they will be capable of reaching. A stiffer rope that does not stretch will give a wakeboarder more control and allow them to reach greater heights to pull off more wicked tricks.


Wakeboard RopeRope length will also play a significant role in how the wakeboarder ripping up with wake will perform. When you are selecting a wakeboard rope, a good length to start with is between 40 and 50 feet. You will want to pick a line length that makes you feel comfortable when you’re jumping and clearing the wake. A shorter rope will help the rider clear the wake behind the boat because it places the boarder closer to the boat, where the narrowest part of the wake is found. Wake width increases the further it travels from the boat, so for more experienced riders, a longer rope will help you stay clear of the choppy water created by the wash of the wake. Experienced wakeboarders will commonly increase the length of their wakeboard rope to 50-55 feet because it offers more rope to work with, which translates to better air time and tricks.


Finally, keep in mind that you must also select a rope that accommodates the speed of your boat. If you have a slower boat, a long rope will just cause problems because of all the slack. A fast boat with a short rope may also present a problem for riders are not comfortable being closer to the boat at high speeds. The key is to pick a rope that fits the rider level and the boat capabilities. Doing this will ensure that you have a blast tearing up the wake all summer long.

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