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Ronix Wakeboards Brand Profile


Who are Ronix Wakeboards?


Ronix Wakeboards is a relatively young company that started in December 2005. This new brand was founded by developers at Hyperlite who wanted to prove they could build the best overall wakeboarding company. Similar to Hyperlite, this company devotes all of its focus to creating top quality and the highest performance products available.



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Ronix Wakeboards, Unique and Personal


When referring to their website, Ronix Wakeboards offer a unique product catalog that truly makes them stand out from the competition. This catalog allows consumers to view products in a very distinctive and personal manner. For example, the first half of the catalog is devoted solely to men, while the second half appeals only to women. The products offered are geared towards skill level and various riding styles as well. Therefore, individuals can shop on a personal basis and find products that are suited for their needs, not just generic ones meant for anyone. Ronix Wakeboards separates itself from the rest of the market by developing unique carbon boards that are extremely lightweight, and accessories such as heat-molded boots for a custom fit.



Ronix Wakeboards Have a Bright Future!


Ronix Wakeboards constructs products and equipment in ten countries around the world and it is recognized as the fastest growing company in the market today. With a tremendous focus on research and development, Ronix is able to fine tune the weight, stiffness, and durability of each individual board they create. As a leader in wakeskates as well, Ronix has a bright future ahead.


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