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Looking Forward To The 2011 Water Season!



Spring starts soon and you know what that means…. WATER SEASON!!! Some can experience a full year of water fun but for the rest of us the clock is ticking and we are getting excited. The icicles are melting, the snow shovels are stored and the water toys start to surface. An inventory of supplies is taken ensuring that when the first thaw comes you are ready to go with nothing holding you back.


So when is the first day of spring in 2011? the first official day of spring is March 20th marking the start of another epic season. March 20th marks the day you can really look into putting all the plans you made in the off season into play and get ready for some epic journeys. Each year some friends and I make a plan to conquer a new river and see some new places, what are you plans for 2011? Are you going to finally kayak down that faster paced section of river? Are you going to learn 360′s on your wakeboard? Are you going to learn flips off your water trampoline? Are you going to get buff and work out to ruin people in behind the boat tube battles?


So this is the assignment, we want to hear from you and we want to know what your plans are this spring/summer season. Our plans are this, paddle the Betsie river in Northern Michigan while camping on state land, make it to pictured rocks in the Upper Peninsula and to learn wakeboarding. looks like we have a full load ahead of us, that leaves it you and your big plans. let us know your plans by leaving a comment below or join us for ours, the Betsie river kayak trip is going down on the 4th of July and you are more than invited. Until we see each other on the water, have a fantastic spring and up and coming summer!



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