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Kayaking Trips

Looking for a scenic and fun-filled trip that you can take with your friends this summer? If so, why not take an adventurous kayaking or canoeing trip? There’s no easier way to stay cool, take in some majestic scenery, and kick back with your crew than with a trip out on the water. If this sounds like something you would be interested in you should know that there are tons of sites available that can give you the information you need to plan your trip. One great site that I stumbled upon recently was This site has a ton of information about kayaking and canoeing, plus it has sections dedicated to information about trips. Whether you want to take a day trip, a 2-3 day trip, or longer, has some great recommendations. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the stuff that I found:



Mothership Tours


Mothership Tours offer the chance for anyone to experience kayaking around the world whether it be in Norway, Italy, Canada, Chile, the United States, and even Antarctica! Wherever you want to go there is a trip just waiting for you to slap your name on it. Currently, showcases numerous trips where you can view some of natures most beautiful landscapes and creatures. Mothership Tours can range from just a couple of hours up to 19 days. After a day filled with exciting adventures you are directed back to the “Mothership” where you are able to relax and enjoy a hot shower, have the chance to dry your gear, and enjoy some wonderful cuisines native to the location. Who wouldn’t love to be out in the open water for days at a time! lists the skill level the trip is designed for, the duration, location, and approximate cost. There are numerous trips and if any are of interest to you, you can simply click a link to request a brochure and obtain more information. Check out all of the current Mothership Tours here.



Lodge Based Trips


Lodge Based Trips are great for travelers who want to experience the local wildlife as well as the local culture. Travelers take day trips kayaking and enjoying the local scenery and then are escorted back to a local accommodations where they will spend their nights relaxing, enjoying great meals, and having a fabulous time. Trip durations are shorter than Mothership Tours, but they’re more affordable if you’re on a budget too. Lodge based trips are offered in Greece, the Bahamas, the United States, Canada, Chile, Fiji, and many other destinations in between! You can go here to view the listing of all the current trips and if you see something you like, you can just click on the link to request more information.



International Trips


Who wouldn’t want to go to Mexico and experience dolphins and whales in their natural habitat? Or venture to explore the mystery of Greenland and view some of the world’s most beautiful coast lines? If you wouldn’t then I guess you can stop reading here, but if this sounds like something you desire to do, well take a look at the International trips that is showcasing. You can travel to wherever you might want to go and experience the real local culture by getting out there and viewing what the world has to offer. One trip itinerary allows you a chance to do what you love, but also learn about the local history and taste excellent food. Madagascar? Italy? Belize? Just some of the options you’ll have to choose from. There are many more, so head here to see what else they have to offer!


Among the other trip options that you have to consider are Fly-In trips, which allow you to reach untouched, remote locations to experience the glorious landscape and scenery. Multi-Sport Trips that offer the best of all scenic adventure routes. Explore land by water, bicycle, and on foot while viewing some of the most picturesque landscapes and toning your muscles at the same time.


Last, but certainly not least, Fishing Trips! We might get run out of town if we didn’t mention fishing trips. One of the greatest ways to spend time relaxing in a serene environment. Whether you want to head somewhere in the United States, head north to Canada, or venture elsewhere, showcases more than 90 fishing trips. Sit back with your fishing pole and enjoy the natural noises of nature, now that sounds like a vacation!

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