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Kayak Sale | Getting The Most For Your Money


Kayaks and kayaking has been steadily growing and for good reason; kayaking is a great workout and can get you into some of the most beautiful areas in the world. For some though kayaking does not seem like an activity for them due to the perceived high cost.


Want to kayak? Don’t think you can afford a kayak? Think again because here at we believe everyone should have the right to kayak. This is why we offer the best possible deals on kayaks with sales and special offers whenever possible.


You might be asking me “I can go get grocery and home supplies at my local “Shoppity Mart” and pick up a kayak there, $300 and I get a free cooler”


To that I apologize for not having groceries and free coolers but will say we offer well known brand name kayaks that will track straight and are well manufactured. We are kayakers here at and we love our work and what we sell is fun. We know what a good kayak feels like on the water and unfortunately most of us know what a “bad” kayak feels like on the water.



As I myself look for a new kayak for the season, thinking a Liquid Logic Remix or Pyranha Fusion to compliment my Tsunami, I think of the up and coming kayakers. In taking a look through the site I was happy to see we had some great deals for kayaks that would be fantastic for a first time kayaker.


A good choice is the Perception Rhythm; you really get a lot for the price on the Rhythm. It’s a name you can trust, Perception, and the kayak itself has a lot of the bells and whistles you would find on a much more expensive model kayak. You have the stern hatch which you can use for storage and the front deck rigging that you will find comes in handy. For your comfort the Rhythm has Perceptions Zone adjustable padded seat and fully adjustable foot pegs. 11 feet in length, 275 pound capacity and only weighing in at 47 pounds, this kayak is a perfect fit for most beginner kayakers. This kayak is going to be best suited for lakes and slower moving rivers.


Maybe you are pushing past the beginner stages of your kayaking career but, hey, you want to save some money too! We have you covered in the Current Designs Kestrel series kayaks; these are spill over’s from last year so they have been discounted to reflect this. Starting at $594 for the 12 foot kayak these offer a bit more length, storage and a soft chine for great control. These are great kayaks if you’re looking into light touring and possibly doing some kayak camping trips or stay over trips. The 14 foot models offer ample storage with the ability to take a tent, food and more supplies with you on your journey.





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