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Hyperlite Wakeboards Brand Profile



Hyperlite is a leading manufacturer of wakeboards today. The company has grown with the sport of wakeboarding and many people associate this brand with the best quality on the market. Hyperlite Wakeboards have increased awareness for its name through the use of sponsorship. Many professional wakeboarders such as JD Webb, Shaun Murray, Rusty Mainoski, Nick Davies, Jimmy Lariche, Raimi Merritt, and Anna Hajek represent Hyperlite Wakeboards and use their equipment to maximize performance.


Hyperlite Wakeboards


Herb O’Brien, founder of Hyperlite Wakeboards, developed the first board with the key features of compression-molding, neutral buoyancy, a thin shape with sharp edges, and quality foot bindings that gave riders the optimal and most comfortable experience. Once other companies started developing these wakeboarding products, the sport exploded into the popular activity it is today. There are currently many wakeboard manufacturers in the industry, so Hyperlite has distinguished itself from the pack by specializing solely in top quality and high performance products. Not only does Hyperlite manufacture wakeboards, but they also create the finest equipment and accessories used for this sport.


Hyperlite Wakeboards is a company that focuses on always improving technology. Their recent endeavors include using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to reach out to fans and customer. The company has also just released the first ever wakeboarding app! This product is available in the Android market and users have the ability to view videos or pictures with unique camera angles, can learn about their favorite professionals, and they can even research various products simply in the palm of their hand. As a leader using the highest level of technology in the wakeboarding industry, Hyperlite maintains its reputation as the top quality and high performance producer of all. Checkout Hyperlites Facebook, Twitter, Apps and more at their official Hyperlite Wakeboards website.



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