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Get Wet and Go Skimboarding



Looking for some fun in the sun while doing a balancing act over a body of water? Look no further because skimboarding will take your beach enjoyment to the next level. Skimboarding started over 60 years ago and has grown from an activity a few people would do on the beach with basic wooden boards to a competitive sport using many different types of boards today.




What Is Skimboarding?


skimboardgirl12The act of skimboarding is accomplished with the boarder standing roughly 20 feet from the water (typically the Ocean) waiting for an ample wave, once a wave starts to come in the boarder will run up to it with the skimboard in their hands. Once the boarder reaches the wet part of the sand they drop the board and try to get onto it as fast as possible, from there the boarder must try to remain as stable as possible with hopes of the wave taking them out into the ocean. Once in the ocean the idea is to ride the wave out into the ocean and have it take you back to the shore, this is the basic act of skimboarding and as in any sport there are many other variations you can throw in to make it unique.




More Than a Hobby


Skimboarding is often looked at as simply a recreational activity but what most do not realize is that there are sanctioned events and contests for competitive skimboarding. In 2000 the UST was formed which is the United Skim Tour which holds about 8 contests a year which is growing the sport and displaying its possibilities. In these contests the boarders are judged on distance, style and difficulty but overall will be judged on doing things never seen while holding solid lines without bailing. For more information on the tour click here.


Skimboarding will continue taking us on journeys of fun and enjoyment while growing as an organized outlet for professionals to showcase their talent. Hopefully we have shined a light on how fun the activity of skimboarding can be so that you will get involved adding to the joy you will have at the beach. Until we see you on the water, have fun!

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