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Cold Weather | How’s Your Water Trampoline?


Cold weather is an inevitable thing no matter where you live geographically, with many southern states having seen a rash wave of cold this year. As recently as the Orange Bowl in Miami, the game time temperature for this game was a balmy 9 degrees Celsius which was a record for the game that started in 1935. What does this mean for water trampoline owners? Well there are some things you can do while the cold weather hits to ensure that your water trampoline is ready for fun in the up and coming warmer months. Keep an eye out as water trampolines can lose air through colder temperatures, if you still have your water trampoline on the water this is something you are going to want to periodically check. Air up your water trampoline if you see it loosing drastic amounts of air. Another not so bad idea would be to invest in an all weather cover for your trampoline, not only will this help with the winter elements but can also be used in the summer to cover when not in use. In the summer these covers deter critters and non-welcomed guests from using your water trampoline as well as protection from harmful UV rays. With hopes all you die hard water trampoline users are making it through this cold winter and with visions of a great summer in this upcoming year, we wish you and yours a happy and bouncy New Year. See ya on the lake!



Kids Having Water Tramoline Fun


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