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BIC Kayaks

Kayaking can be an exhilarating sport pounding rapids, or a quiet, casual activity that you do alone on the lake that your property looks out on. Regardless of what style of kayaking you are into one thing is for sure, Bic has a kayak that’s made just for you. The selection from Bic is tremendous and offers something for beginners up to experts. Looking for a tandem kayak for you and your significant other? Bic’s got you covered. Looking for a kayak that needs minimal space to store? Bic’s got you covered there too with their great selection of inflatable kayaks. How about a kayak for physical fitness? Yup, Bic’s got something for you there too. I suppose it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering that Bic has earned four, yes I said four, consecutive design awards for their designs by Fristch and Bic Sport.


Fristch and Bic Sport have been highly regarded for their Tri Hull Design (THD ) which is the primary feature of their kayaks. THD provides the most aerodynamic design for optimizing fun, comfort, and stability. The Tri Hull design was created to help kayaks glide through the water more smoothly and effortlessly while maintaining outstanding maneuverability. The THD’s shape features a center section that helps with gliding as well as two hulls which surround it which help stabilize the kayak for optimal comfort and confidence when paddling. The final section of the THD consists of two concave sections in the hull which create a mix of water and air for heightened performance while also creating lift off the water.


Aside from being award winning, BIC kayaks are also environmentally conscious. BIC kayaks are made of Thermoformed Polyethylene, which is an environmentally sound material. Few chemicals are used in the production of their kayaks and when you use it, you’re not emitting any greenhouse gases because kayaking is completely man-powered. Any excess materials that exist during the production of every Bic kayaks is broken down and recycled for use at a later time.


If you’re looking for a comfortable, speedy, and environmentally conscious outdoor activity you cannot go wrong with a kayak from Bic.

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