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Bathing Suit Cover Ups


As summer approaches, it is time to pull out your swim suits, flip flops, and other pool side gear.  If you are like most women, the thought of flaunting your stuff in a swim suit this summer makes you feel a little queasy.  You just need to find the perfect cover up for your body.  Everybody can find what is best for them – to make us all secure, comfortable and confident to who we are and how awesome we look!  Cover ups are great because they are so versatile.  Many cover ups look like they could be used for regular casual wear.  Cover ups allow you to move from one setting to another while looking great in the process.  Sometimes more coverage for women is needed, who want to hide a bulky upper body.  You can still show off your legs with a crinkled top where the length hits high on your thighs. A tunic style will hide any problem areas in your midsection or hips. Draw attention to your best assets with a printed tunic, with a plunging neckline that will show off your upper body while concealing your tummy and hips.  This pretty cover up would be a great choice for plus size women. They are long, loose-fitting tops that are sometimes worn with a belt. They can be worn over swimsuits, leggings or tight-fitting pants.


A sporty cover up is easy to take on and off when you want to jump in the pool.  With a zip front and hood, it’s a cute accent for any body type, but particularly for the athletic woman. 


The racerback tunic looks more like a sweet sundress than a bathing suit cover up. You can wear it by the pool or for a walk on the beach.  It is perfect for the warm weather months and the rouched bust line will draw attention to all the right places.


A sheer cover up will keep you cool while giving you the confidence to strut your stuff, some have a tie front for quick removal when you want to dive in the pool and choices of: three quarter length sleeves, bell sleeves, sleeveless or short sleeves add a unique look for a sheer cover up. 


For women with pretty shoulders and slim bodies, strapless cover ups are a great selection. Throw it on over your suit for a day at the pool or wear it around the house on hot summer days. The cinched upper material will fit perfectly, even for ladies with a smaller bust. 


With a quick wrap around the waist a Sarong allows you to have a simple cover around the bottom half of your body for a beautiful, stylish look, you can tie just above the bust for a full coverage fashion, typically you can tie them in a small knot to keep it in place.  Caftans are the perfect cover up and look and feel great.  They can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on your mood or on the occasion.  


A Caftan is a long loose garment with long sleeves, resembling a robe.  Fabrics range from lightweight to the summer months and a more heavy weight for the cooler months. Traditionally made with silk or cotton, caftans are frequently adorned with colorful patterns, and many individuals wear them with a coordinating belt or sash. 


Cover ups are the best way to beat your uncomfortable feeling if you’re feeling nervous about being in a swimsuit.  Purchase your size and cut that fits your body the way it should, you can get it tailored to fit more precisely or the way you want it.  Know exactly what you want to cover up.  If it’s your upper body that you’re concerned about, there is no need to wear a full length cover, although if your thighs are your worry, then a full length may be for you.  Different neckline cuts accentuate or minimize your assets as you prefer.  After choosing size, type, style or cut, then print and color is important.  Having a petite body type or a larger body type you need to choose large or small print, bright, light or dark colors, what looks perfect for you!    You can camouflage those (not favorite areas) and block harmful sun rays and look too CUTE!  With some great sunglasses, a cute hat, sandals and some accessories you are sure to turn heads!  You will be so ready to hit the water at a moments notice, you won’t worry about your body, you will look gorgeous and you can really enjoy every summer day!


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