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Attachments for Water Trampolines


A water trampoline is a great way to enjoy the sun of summer and beat the blistering heat of those hot summer days, and if you’ve already made the investment than you don’t need me to tell you that. Yet, what you may or may not know is that there is a way to make your water trampoline investment even better. I’m talking about water trampoline attachments.


Sort of like aftermarket parts for your car, water trampoline attachments will turn your everyday aquatic jumper into a floating water park for you, your family, and your friends. Throw together any combination of slides, launches, and logs and you’ll see just how much more fun you can have with your water trampoline.


The most common water trampoline attachment that I’ve found people choose is a slide. Inflatable slides attach directly to your water trampoline and allow you, or anyone else for that matter, to slide, tumble, slither, or simply fall into the water. Slides are available in both small and large sizes, in varying designs, and offered by numerous manufacturers including Rave and Aquaglide. One of the more unique slide designs that I’ve come across recently is the Plunge slide from Aquaglide. This slide is wide enough to accommodate two people at once! That’s double the fun for those of you keeping track at home.


Also available are slides that do not require you to directly attach them to your trampoline. One such slide is the Whoosh slide from Rave Sports. This slide is a nice addition to your water park because it can be set up next to your trampoline if you desire, or set up as a stand alone slide that is positioned away from your trampoline.


Pricing for water trampoline slide attachments can start as low as $299 and go as high as $799 depending on the manufacturer, size, and the design of thA blast bag will have you shouting INCOMING!e slide. Most major water trampoline brands will offer some variation of a slide attachment and it’s not a requirement for you to get a slide from the same company that made your water trampoline, although many people do opt to do this so the color schemes match. Bottom line, slide attachments are a fun and easy way to start building your personal water park.


The second most popular water attachment that people consider is a water log, often referred to as a runner. Water logs are inflatable cylinders that attach to the side of your water trampoline and can be used for everything from bouncing off of to testing your balance and coordination. These logs are available in both small and large sizes and come in several different design shapes, including the Y-log, Slingshot Soaker, and Island Runner. Pricing for log attachments starts as low as $199 and can go as high as $699 depending on manufacturer, design, and size. Like slide attachment, log attachments offer loads of fun for the water and are a great addition to your water park.



Last, but certainly not least, we have launches. Launches, also referred to as blast bags, are one most exciting water trampoline attachments available. Here’s how it works: a long flat tube is positioned in the water, allowing one person to sit at the far end while another person jumps on the end nearest the water trampoline. Once the person jumping from the trampoline propels him or herself into the air and lands on the bag, the person at the other end is vaulted skyward. Beware though, you can catch some serious air with a launch. If you’re a thrill seeker who doesn’t mind getting rocketed towards the sky, a launch is the best recommendation I have for you. Rave Sports offers the Aqua Launch and Aquaglide offers the Blast Bag. Pricing for launch attachments ranges from $399 up to $799, but the investment in these attachments is certainly worth the endless hours of fun you will have with family and friends each summer.


That’s it. Slides, logs, and launches are just what you need to turn your water trampoline into a personal water park. The choice and the design of your water park is up to you. So use your imagination and get out there and have some wet and wild fun this summer!


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