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Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks and Canoes


One of the biggest struggles that first timers to kayaking or canoeing deal with is whether to buy their own boat or try to find places to rent. While I don’t discount the belief that renting is the best way to go for the first few times out, I will tell you that buying is certainly worth it if you find that kayaking or canoeing is something you enjoy and would like to continue doing for the long haul. Yet even when I suggest this, I still run into people who are hesitant to make the investment because they either feel it is too expensive, they won’t use it enough, or they just don’t want to lug around a kayak or canoe all the time.


Well if you’ve ever found yourself saying any one of these things, you should checkout the selection of inflatable kayaks and canoes that are available from Advanced Elements. Anywhere that you want to go, any time you want to go, and for less money, inflatable kayaks and canoes are ideal for recreational boaters and beginners. They’re much lighter in terms of weight and they don’t have to be inflated until you get to your destination, making both traveling and storage a cinch.


If you’re wondering about the construction and durability of an inflatable boat, you should know that the boats made by Advanced Elements are made from polyester and a PVC laminate in conjunction with a PVC Tarpaulin hull construction. The combination of these materials makes a stable and durable kayak that will perform like a traditional vessel. Advanced Elements equips each of their inflatable boats with a high-flowing spring and Twistlok valve that makes it super simple to inflate and deflate in minutes. You won’t need a special pump either, as a run of the mill foot pump will do the job each and every time.


Advanced Elements offers 8 different models of inflatable kayaks and 1 canoe model. The weights of each vessel range from 16 lbs up to 56 lbs, and each boat is easily transported in its duffel bag. Among the models available from Advanced Elements are the Firefly, Lagoon, Advanced Frame, Advanced Frame Expedition, Advanced Frame Convertible, StraitEdge, and StraitEdge Canoe.


The Lagoon and StraitEdge models offer boats for both singles and tandem boaters, so if you’re married or have children that you’d like to take out once in a while, you can do so with one of these models.


For information on each model you can visit the official website of Advanced Elements.

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