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Yakima Kayak Racks
Yakima Kayak Racks Ties & Straps
Yakima Kayak Racks Ties & Straps
Yakima Kayak Racks J Carriers
Yakima Kayak Racks J Carries
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Yakima Kayak Racks Cradles
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Yakima Kayak Racks Stackers


For over thirty years, Yakima has been creating car racks to help transport your gear and equipment with ease of mind and ease of use. Yakima is a company full of outdoor enthusiasts who use their equipment and figure out ways to improve hauling their kayaks or skis or camping equipment.


Whether you drive a trucks, car or really big and tall car, Yakima has plenty of options for a Kayak Rack. You don’t want to spend your time and energy before hitting the waters loading and unloading your kayak which is why Yakima developed the Hullyrollers Kayak Rack. This Yakima Kayak Rack allows you to single-handedly roll your boat onto your vehicle. It’s quick and easy.


Yakima Kayak Racks ensures that as your flying down the freeway towards the water that you are getting the best use of aerodynamics and that your kayak is securely on the roof.


If you own a pickup truck there’s a Yakima Kayak Rack for you, in fact, there are two to choose from. There’s one Yakima Kayak Rack that utilizes a Y-frame design so it fastens securely on the top of your cab with the Y-frame at the tail.


Innovative, creative and just plain smart, the Yakima Kayak Racks are made to be user-friendly and help unburden some of the load of lifting a kayak onto your car. Dents and scratches are no longer a worry when you’re using a Yakima Kayak Rack.

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