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Ballast bag shopping tips

So, what is a ballast bag? Ballast bags are weighted bags that produce a larger wake in boats that may be lighter weight which will cause a smaller wake. There are several styles, sizes and shapes of ballast bags from the small to very large and from the heavy to really heavy. Here we will cover exactly what type of ballast bags are out there and how to choose the best ballast bag for your situation...Read More


Choosing a ballast bag

First you will want to figure out what the weight limit is on your boat. Also, you will want to account for any aftermarket pieces you have on your boat that have added weight as well as the amount of passengers and average weight you will be hauling. Ballast bags are available from under 100 pounds to over 1,500 pounds so it is very important to figure out exactly the weight you need as there is a lot of selection.

Picking a weight once you have figured your boats maximum capacity with the weight of the stuff you normally carry is fairly simple. A lot of it is personal preference and just how much extra weight you want to haul around and how much of a wake you wish to make. It’s also good to think ahead if you are going to build a pump system to easily empty the ballast so you don’t have to carry the weight all the time. If you are not going to set up an easy emptying pump system you might want to keep the weight a bit lower.

Types of ballast bags

Weights – As we touched on above there are several differing weights of ballast bags starting as low as less than 100 lbs to over 1,500 lbs to fit the needs of all users. With so many different weights in ballast bags you can get exactly what you need no matter what you need in your situation.

Shapes – This is where ballast bags get pretty cool. There are countless shapes of ballast bags available to fit wherever you feel like sticking them. If you have a compartment built into your boat, most wakeboard boats have these, there is most likely a ballast bag made specifically to fit into this area. Some ballast bags, once filled, will act as extra seats or fillers for areas of your boat.

Ballast bag pumps

Pumps offer an easy way to fill and empty your ballast bag with ease. This will make it easy to empty your ballast when not using it and quickly fill it when you are looking to use it. This is great to get the extra weight out of your boat quickly when necessary and fill it just as quickly when needed.

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