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Womens Bathing Suit Categories


When I first started buying bathing suits for I had no idea what I was getting into. I had been a buyer of denim jeans and then ski clothing for many years. There were so many brands and types of bathing suits that I got lost in a sea of swim. Luckily I started working with Judy who has been in the bathing suit business for 20 years.  She helped me sort out the different categories of swimwear. Most bathing suit brands will put themselves in one of these categories.




(ages 13-25) Most of the surf brands are junior swim.  These suits are cut smaller for the teenager body in mind. Sizing is juniors starting at 0-13 or s-xl.   Some junior brands are Roxy, Bodyglove and Hurley.




(ages 25-45)  These are suits for that women who has grown out of juniors and needs a little more coverage and has a modern contemporary taste in style.  The contemporary womens could have kids and is opt to wear more cover-ups, tankinis and skirts.   Some contemporary brands are Becca, Jantzen, and Profile.  Sizing in contemporary is women’s starting at 6-14.




(all ages)  Let’s face it, we are not all built the same and some of us can use some help.  Missy bathing suits have more control features.  These suits typically have better construction and are good at covering up problem areas.  Sizing in Missy starts at 8-18. Some brands are Magic Suit, Carribean Sand.



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