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Boat Speed Guide for Watersports



By. Steve Hartman


Someone wants to Water Ski, another wants to Wakeboard and the kids want to go Tubing. You have all the equipment and you’re ready for a long day on the lake. In order to get the best out of the sport, here’s a recommended list of the speed the boat should be going.


Water Skiing:


A good, average speed is about 25 mph but that can vary depending on the type of water skiing being done.


For instance, if there is a single water skier behind the boat who is doing some slalom skiing (weaving between buoys as the boat drives straight) then you have a lot of room for speeding. 20-35 mph will work just fine.


Shaped Skiing, which is water skiing with a wider ski, you can go between 20-30 mph. A wider ski is great for beginners looking for stability at slower speeds.


Boat Speed for Water Skiing




For Wakeboarders you want to slow it down just a bit. The average speed for a wakeboarder should be around 16-20 mph.


This is also a good speed if you’re pulling a Kneeboard or Wakeskate


Boat Speed for Wakeboarding




Dragging a Towable Tube offers a lot of room for speed. If you want to give the kids a real wild ride you can take the boat up to 25 mph. For a slow, a steady ride you can go as slow as 8 mph.


Boat Speed for Tubing


These are the averages but it will take some experience with a variety of riders and abilities to get the feel of how fast you should go.


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