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Accessories for your Water Trampoline

Water trampolines are a great way to enjoy the summer sun and before you hit the water for some summer splashdown fun, you should know that there are a few accessories that will not only make setting up and using your water trampoline or water bouncer easier to use, but also safer for everyone. Although water trampolines tend to include just about everything you will need for set up and use, there are a couple items that you can purchase that may be useful to you, including an air pump, ladder, and water buoys.


Before you can enjoy your water trampoline, you are going to have to set it up first. This is the part that most people dread because this means inflating it. You’re probably thinking, “A beach ball is tough enough to inflate, but a water trampoline? Are you kidding me?”


Luckily electric air pumps are available and they are probably be the most important water trampoline accessory you can purchase. If you were thinking air compressor, let me stop you right there. The use of an air compressor is not recommended for inflating your water trampoline or bouncer. Air compressors put out more air pressure than is needed to inflate the tubing and can cause damage to the tube or cause over inflation. Instead, try using a typical electric air pump such as the pumps offered by Straight Line, Sevylor, or SportsStuff. Electric pumps will offer power in the range of 110 volts and put out about 2-3 PSI of air pressure. Most water trampolines or bouncers only require about 1-2 PSI of air pressure to properly inflate, so these pumps will work great.


Electric air pumps are the easiest way to inflate your water trampoline, but hand and foot pumps will also work, especially if you have a smaller water bouncer or attachment that you need to inflate. Hand pumps, or push pumps, resemble bicycle pumps and work in that same fashion. Popular push pumps include the SportsStuff LP1 hand pump and the Aquaglide Push Pump. Either of these pumps will work fine, plus they’re less expensive than their electric counterparts. Just keep in mind that they can get a bit tiring after a while. If you’re looking for a good compromise between speed and fatigue, check out a manual foot pump. These pumps work by pushing repeatedly on a plastic pedal of sorts with your foot. They tend to be less work and less tiring, especially when inflating a larger water trampoline or water bouncer. Foot pumps are offered by numerous brands, including Sevylor, Aquaglide and Advanced Elements.


Water Trampoline Ladder

Another important accessory for your water trampoline is a ladder. Most water trampoline come equipped with at least one ladder, and if you have a larger water trampoline, an additional ladder or two can be extremely beneficial. Plus it will allow more people to enjoy it at once. Rave Sports offers a stainless steel ladder that is constructed from marine grade steel and will hold up in any weather. Smaller water bouncers or other inflatable products may not come with a ladder included, so you will want to check to see if you need to buy a separate ladder before purchasing your water product.


Finally, the last water trampoline accessory you will want to consider is swim buoys. Swim buoys will increase the safety for your water trampoline and all those who enjoy it. Although these are not required for use of a water trampoline, they are highly recommended in order to keep boaters away from the area where your water trampoline is anchored. This will decrease the chances of any unfortunate collision of swimmers and boaters, as well as reduce the likelihood of your water trampoline being damaged, run into, or uprooted from its anchor due to waves from recreational water vehicles. Rave Sports offers swim buoys for around $50, which is a small, but very wise investment to keep both swimmers and possessions safe.

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