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Waterskiing in Iran


By. Steve Hartman




When the water skiing games were held on September 13th, the goal was to find the best athletes to become part of the national waterskiing team. Whether their style was slalom, jumping or tricks, the competitors hit the water to weed out the very best.


And those very best are headed to compete in the Asian Games in Indonesia in a few weeks. By the way, this isn’t a United States team that’s heading to East Asia, it’s Iran. When you think of waterskiing you may not think of Iran but they do have a team and it is increasing in popularity in the country. Many will go to clubs or complexes like the Azadi Sports Complex in western Tehran to waterski for leisure and for fun while others are out practicing for competition.



Waterskiing found its way to Iran thanks to oil. When oil was first extracted, foreigners came to the country and brought sport with them.


While the sport in Iran isn’t necessarily new, the amount of people competing is. In the last decade they have participated in various Asian games and have soared as high as fifth place in some of the categories.


While they aren’t hosting this year, the last time Iran hosted the Asian Games was in 1974 prior to the revolution. Competing with 46 other countries this year, Iran will certainly have enough competition to truly test the best of the best in their country.


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