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The Health Benefits of Water Sports



Let’s face it people want to get in shape. Gyms all over are full of people trying to achieve their fitness goals. However, there are also people out there who want to get in shape but find going to the gym a chore and give up after a few weeks. With that in mind if you are looking to get in shape but looking to reach your fitness goals in a fun way then head out on the water. The water you say? Yes I do. All those fun activities you have been doing out on the water provide you with a health benefit. This article will touch on your favorite water sports and the health benefits you will reap when participating.




Kayaking is a low impact exercise that will improve your aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. The specific health benefits of kayaking include improved cardiovascular fitness and increased muscle strength in the back, arms, shoulders and chest. The movement of the paddle will put all of those muscles into play. The torso and leg strength will be increased in kayaking as the power you need to move the kayak will come mostly from rotating the torso as well as applying pressure with your legs. Finally, what makes kayaking great health-wise is it’s a low impact workout which will reduce the wear and tear on your joints and tissues which helps your body out in the long run.


Kaykaing For Health


Water Skiing


Water skiing is a fun and healthy form of exercise. When water skiing you will see improved muscle tone. Many people think water skiing will improve only your lower body which cannot be further from the truth. Water skiing will improve every muscle in your body and will help develop your posture and your shoulders as you need to stay as upright as possible. Also, your shoulders and arms will become quite strong simply because you are being pulled by your arms.


You will receive increased balance and core strength as getting up and staying up on your skis will require you to build up your balance and core strength to stay up.


You will receive resistance training when water skiing as it forces you to hold yourself up and continue on. Water skiing will work arm muscles, core muscles and leg muscles. This is also safer than using free weights as it’s controlled to keep your muscles protected. Water skiing is also easy on your joints because it’s all body weight resistance with a free range of motion.


You will tone your legs fast while water skiing because they absorb the energy of the bumpy wake and you are in a half squat which will give you strong quads. You will also receive mental health as water skiing can be meditative. Being out on the water can calm your mind and allow you to focus on the task at hand. The endorphins released from you being active will keep you happy and healthy. Another great feature is water skiing will burn 400 calories after an hour long session.


Your overall health will improve when water skiing as it can reduce and eliminate your risk for multiple health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.


Water Skiing for Health


Stand Up Paddle Boarding


The increasingly popular stand up paddle boarding will provide you with health benefits as well. SUP gives you an intense workout that will kick you into shape. Having to stand up while doing this exercise will make use of balance and strength to keep you upright and propel you through the water. The intensity level will vary based on where you are paddling. For instance, if you are paddling in the ocean, the waves and ocean current will make the workout intense but, if you are on a lake or pond, it will not be as strenuous while still giving you a decent workout.


There are multiple health benefits to paddle surfing and the best part is it will not cause any damage to your body while you enjoy them.


The cardiovascular benefits are truly amazing. You will be able to improve your level of cardio tenfold. This increased cardio will decrease the odds of heart attack and stroke. SUP will also burn a ton of calories which will aid in weight loss. If you are not overweight you reduce the odds of getting diabetes, stroke, heart attack or having joint pain issues.


There is one final awesome benefit to be aware of; SUP is very relaxing and a great way to relieve stress.


The low impact aspect of stand up paddle boarding will also provide you with core strength while also improving your balance. Another great feature is you can also do Yoga while on your SUP. Doing yoga on your SUP will add an extra dimension of balance.


Stand up paddle boarding will also get you outside and on the water and out of that stuffy gym or health club. Being outside is great for your mental health.


Paddle Boarding for Health


As you can see being outside on the water isn’t just a fun thing to do when the weather is nice, being on the water provides you with tons of health benefits that will improve your quality of life.

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